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Schedule Your Chimney Sweeping Appointment Now!

Schedule Your Chimney Sweeping Appointment Now Image - Seattle WA - Pristine SweepsWith summer in full swing, most of us have absolutely no interest in starting a blaze in our fireplaces! However, because they are not being used now may be the perfect time to have your chimney swept!

Summer is often considered the “low season” for chimney sweeps. This year, beat the fall rush by scheduling your chimney sweeping during the summer! By scheduling your chimney sweeping appointment now you can be sure your chimney and fireplace are ready to go once fall arrives in a few months.

The importance of yearly chimney maintenance

Regular yearly maintenance is one of the best ways to extend the life of your chimney and ensure your fireplace burns safely year after year. The Chimney Safety Institute of America recommends that homeowners have their chimneys swept and inspected at least once per year.

During a chimney sweeping, a CSIA certified chimney sweep will use brushes, brooms, and other tools to remove ash, soot, and creosote from the flue. Doing this can help your fireplace burn and vent more efficiently as well as reduce the risk of chimney fire. A chimney inspection may be performed at the same time; during a chimney inspection, the accessible portions of the exterior and interior of the chimney will be checked for signs of damage or deterioration.

Why schedule your chimney sweeping this summer

While it may seem like an odd time of year to have a chimney sweeping done, there are a number of benefits to summer chimney maintenance. Below are four reasons to schedule your chimney sweeping appointment now!

  1. Get an appointment that fits your schedule. In today’s hustle and bustle world, it can be hard getting service appointments that fit into your schedule. However, since this is our low season, it is easier than ever to schedule an appointment time that is convenient for you!
  2. Less waiting before services. Whether you’re waiting for a routine sweeping or are having an emergency repair done, there are often fewer waits before services during the summer. This is especially important if you are waiting to have certain masonry repairs, such as leak resolution, done.
  3. No waiting to use your chimney. If you wait to have your chimney swept until you’re ready to use it, you might find that it’s not ready when you are. Because so few homeowners use their fireplaces during the summer it makes it the perfect time to have repairs and maintenance done – your chimney gets cleaned and you don’t have to wait to use it!
  4. Think ahead and be ready for fall. Instead of waiting for fall to arrive before thinking about chimney maintenance, be proactive and get it done ahead of schedule. This will allow you to use your fireplace as soon as the first cold snap arrives – no waiting required.

Don’t wait until temperatures cool down to think about having your chimney swept. Instead, schedule your chimney sweeping appointment now to beat the rush and be ready for fall! Contact Pristine Sweeps today to set up your next appointment!

Know the signs of a chimney fire

Would you know if your chimney caught fire? You probably assume you would, as some chimney fires come with flames and sparks shooting from the rooftop, smoke billowing from the chimney, and a roaring sound like a freight train filling. Often, however, chimney fires go wholly unnoticed, and an undetected chimney fire can mean big danger for your home and your family. Knowing the subtle signs of a chimney fire can help keep your home and family safe.

chimney-fire-facts-image-seattle-wa-pristine-sweepsThe subtle signs of a chimney fire

There are some small signs that might indicate your chimney has caught fire. A stronger than usual smell of smoke may fill your home, or you may hear popping noises coming from your chimney. If you experience any of these signs, or the less subtle signs like billowing smoke, a roaring, or sparks shooting from your chimney, exit your home and call 911 immediately.

Sometimes chimney fires are so discrete, however, that the fact that they’ve occurred can only be detected by a CSIA-certified chimney sweep during your annual chimney inspection. If your chimney has had a smoldering fire, your chimney sweep will notice puffy or honeycombed creosote deposits; warped metal dampers, smoke chambers, or connectors; a warped factory-built metal chimney; broken flue tiles; cracks in the chimney’s exterior masonry; flakes of creosote on the roof or ground; damaged roof, roof-top TV antenna, or chimney cap; or evidence that smoke has escaped through cracks in the chimney.

The dangers of an undetected chimney fire

While it may sound like you’ve dodged a bullet by having a minor chimney fire, minor chimney fires can lead to a damaging, dangerous fire down the road because even a minor chimney fire can damage your chimney. The high temperatures of a chimney fire of cause the bricks and tiles of a masonry chimney to crack with the shock of the temperature change, and the high temperatures will cause mortar to melt. Prefabricated metal chimneys are made to contain the extreme temperatures of a chimney fire, but such temperatures usually will weaken, or even crack, the chimney. Once a mortar or metal chimney is damaged by chimney fire, that chimney will be unable to contain any future chimney fires, giving the sparks, flames, smoke, and high temperatures access to your home’s structure.

The importance of your chimney sweep

Your certified chimney sweep has two major roles to play in chimney fire prevention. First, chimney fires most often are caused by creosote buildup in unswept chimneys. Keeping your annual chimney cleaning prevents creosote from building up. During your annual chimney sweeping, your sweep also checks your chimney for the subtle signs of a chimney fire or other damage that would prevent your chimney from containing the high heat, flames, and gases of your fireplace.

If you’re overdue for your annual chimney sweeping and inspection, call the certified technicians at Pristine Sweeps. We’ll make sure that your chimney is free of creosote, undamaged, and ready for a winter’s worth of fires.