Damaged Ash Dump or Clean-Out Door? We Can Replace It!

A clean chimney system is a safer, more efficient and more dependable chimney system, and that goes for the appliance up through the flue to the chimney cap.

Pristine Sweeps helps keep your chimney clean during your regular sweeping appointments, and you put time into keeping your fireplace in shape by sweeping and removing ash regularly. If your fireplace has an ash pit, using it — and cleaning the ash pit out when necessary — goes a long way toward helping you keep on top of ash buildup.

An ash pit’s two doors — the ash dump door in the fireplace, and the clean-out door at the base of your chimney — are both under regular stress (heat and acidic deposits inside, the elements outside), and since both perform important roles, damaged or corroded doors do need to be replaced.

Ash Dump Doors

Since these small doors (about the size of a brick) are generally situated in the bottom of a fireplace, they’re subjected to extreme heat and corrosive byproducts, fire after fire. All that stress can quickly corrode standard doors, making replacement necessary.

If your ash dump door is corroded or damaged, Pristine Sweeps can help — we carry and install resilient powder-coated or stainless steel ash dump doors that pivot open and closed for easy use, and provide a long service life.

Clean-Out Doors

Your chimney’s clean-out door lets you gain access to the interior so that you can remove debris and buildup, and gives chimney professionals access to take a closer look during an inspection.

A damaged or missing clean-out door brings a couple of problems. An uncovered clean-out opening can negatively affect your draft, keeping your chimney from effectively venting the byproducts of burning fuel. It can also allow sparks and embers to fall out and land on and ignite flammable materials. A door that’s rusted shut doesn’t let you or our technicians gain the access needed.

If your clean-out door is rusted shut, corroded, broken or missing, let us know — our technicians can replace it with a durable new door.

Give Pristine Sweeps A Call!

If your ash dump door or clean-out door need replacing, call Pristine Sweeps at 206-574-8414 or click here — our technicians are always here to help.


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