Let Pristine Sweeps’ Technicians Enhance Your Fireside Experience By Installing New Glass Doors

Newer prefabricated fireplaces are generally outfitted with glass doors, and as factory-built appliances have grown in popularity, so have glass fireplace doors. Many homeowners with older masonry fireplaces elect to have glass doors added these days to take advantage of the many benefits they offer.

The Benefits Of Glass Fireplace Doors

  • Efficiency – Closed fireplace doors can bring serious efficiency benefits and serious warmth. While you shouldn’t close your damper right after having a fire (it would stop your chimney from accomplishing the important task of venting dangerous combustion gases), you can close those glass doors, keeping all the warm air in your living area from flying right out of the chimney. In other words, glass doors can let you enjoy the toasty warmth your fireplace provided for far longer.
  • Style – Glass door manufacturers offer an incredible variety of looks, shapes and sizes — which means new glass doors can bring a marked boost to your fireplace’s look and offer you another opportunity to add more of your personal style to the room. Whether you tend to be more contemporary or more classic, simpler or more ornate, Pristine Sweeps can help you find the perfect glass doors.
  • Downdraft Diversion – When heavy winds force air — and smoke — down your chimney, it’s called a wind-induced downdraft, and it can be unpleasant and frustrating. Closed glass doors, however, keep those downdrafts from sending smoke into your space.
  • Safety – While closing glass doors when a fire is at its hottest isn’t advisable, when you’re enjoying your low-burning fireplace or letting the fire fade out, glass doors can bring a safety benefit, too. The doors will keep children or pets from getting near smoldering coals or flames, and can keep sparks and embers from bouncing out of the firebox onto flammable materials or people and pets.

If you’re looking to have glass fireplace doors installed or replaced, call Pristine Sweeps at 206-574-8414 or click here. Our CSIA-certified technicians are here to help!


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