We Can Find Your Perfect Stove Or Insert!

Are you thinking about adding a new heating appliance to your home? At Pristine Sweeps, we don’t just service, repair and install stoves and inserts — we carry and sell beautiful and dependable appliances, too!

As a company, we pride ourselves on being well rounded in our trade. Our technicians are trained to know the physics and engineering of chimneys and heating appliances, and the codes that guide their construction, installation and repair. Year after year, we continue to attend regular seminars and workshops to fine-tune our abilities and keep abreast of the latest advances in products, tools and techniques.

All that knowledge not only informs our service, installation and repair work, but also our approach to sourcing the industry’s best products for our clients.

We recommend and carry stoves and inserts from Lennox, a company that’s been perfecting their hearth products for more than 100 years. If you’re looking for a new appliance, Pristine Sweeps can help, starting with a free in-home consultation.

Some Of The Heating Products Pristine Sweeps Offers

  • Wood Burning, Pellet & Gas Inserts – Inserts are the ideal choice if your existing appliance needs a functional and aesthetic overhaul. Retrofitted into your existing unit, inserts bring you all the benefits of a brand new appliance in a far more time- and cost-effective way than a tear-out and rebuild. And whether you’re looking for the timeless vibe of wood or the convenience of pellets or gas, we can help you find the perfect insert, and install it properly.
  • Freestanding Wood, Pellet & Gas Stoves – Freestanding stoves make great zone heaters, and have a unique aesthetic that many homeowners completely fall in love with. We sell a wide variety of freestanding stoves that burn wood, pellets and gas, from classic-looking cast iron units to bright and bold powder-coated ones.
  • Gas Logs – If you’re looking to convert your existing wood-burning fireplace to gas with gas logs, or need to replace an older gas log unit that’s reached the end of its service life, we can help. We carry the industry’s best gas logs, with realistic looks and durable construction.

Pristine Sweeps can help with your home heating needs every step of the way, from maintenance and repairs to sales. If you’re in the market for a new heating appliance, call us to schedule a free in-home consultation with your Pristine Sweeps representative today!! Call 206-574-8414 or click here today!


To greatly decrease the risk of a hazardous home fire, the pros at Pristine Sweeps also provide complete dryer vent services and cleaning. Check it out!