Bring Your Appliance Back To Life With A New Insert

Older fireplaces have some wonderful pluses, but they also have their drawbacks. A traditional masonry fireplace isn’t the most efficient heating appliance — you lose a lot of heat up the chimney, and end up wasting a fair amount of fuel, too, since most weren’t designed to burn terribly efficiently. And through the years, whether due to damage or deferred maintenance, your old fireplace might start losing a lot of its visual luster as well.

Older factory-built fireplaces can start to lose their shine just the same. While many prefabricated units can last for years and years of trouble-free use, repairs and replacement parts will be necessary. At some point, a unit can become old enough that repair parts aren’t available anymore, or damaged to a point where repairs won’t be effective.

If you’ve been hoping to improve the efficiency of your fireplace and the look of your home, an insert can be the ideal solution. Inserts are installed to retrofit your existing fireplace, providing much-improved function and a freshly polished look. Pristine Sweeps carries attractive and durable Lennox Hearth Products that burn wood, pellet and gas, so whether you’re interested in sticking with the fuel you currently use or changing to a new one, we can find you a great fit.

The Different Benefits Of Different Fuels

Wood – Wood bears an unmistakable charm, and for a lot of people who love wood-burning fireplaces, no other fuel matches the mood. It’s also a very budget-friendly fuel, particularly if you have access to fallen timber. (Which is great, as long as you make sure to properly dry it — at least a year’s worth of proper drying gives you wood that will provide the most efficient burn and the lowest levels of creosote production). Worried about the environment? The wood appliances of today are designed to burn wood more efficiently, which means less emissions and longer burns!

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Pellets – Wood pellets are mostly made out of sawdust that would otherwise be a waste product, so this fuel offers a lot of appeal to homeowners who are particularly drawn to recycling and reusing, and still want the charm of wood. Pellets also offer a lot of convenience — you’ll fill your insert’s hopper with fuel, and that hopper will continually feed the fire, with no tending.

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Gas – Clean-burning and super convenient, gas is the top choice for homeowners who want to enjoy their heating appliance, but are trying to keep up with a busy career, busy family and busy overall lifestyle. Once Pristine Sweeps’ technicians install your insert and properly hook up the gas line, you can have a fire lit or extinguished in no time.

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Regardless of the type of fuel you want to use, we can install every type of free-standing stove for added warmth and enjoyment in almost any room. Check out all the stoves available for sale through Pristine Sweeps.