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Your oil furnace venting system needs protection and performance just as much as the venting system attached to a fireplace or stove does. And, as with any other heating appliance, the flue needs to be properly sized to perform correctly.

A damaged or improperly sized oil furnace flue liner can potentially lead to several problems:

  • The proper draft intended to vent the byproducts of that oil combustion will be impeded
  • Condensation can leak into building materials, causing damage to walls, ceilings or floors
  • Toxic carbon monoxide can leak into your living area

These are just a few of the issues we try to prevent at Pristine Sweeps by making sure our clients have a strong, functional, and properly installed furnace flue liner.

If your oil furnace needs attention call us. Oil furnace in basement

Why Might a Furnace Flue Need To Be Resized?

A damaged flue liner is a common reason for relining an oil furnace venting system, but Pristine Sweeps’ technicians often reline oil furnace flues to resize them (to properly vent a new or even existing appliance) too.

A properly sized flue is key to achieving optimum draft while effectively removing combustion gases and byproducts from the home.

  • A flue that’s too big for the appliance it’s venting can be more likely to experience a downdraft that pulls toxic gases down the chimney and into the home. A too-large flue can also result in higher levels of acidic condensate, which can lead to more damage to the flue liner and the chimney masonry, as well as areas of the home’s interior.
  • On the flip side, a flue that’s too small can result in insufficient draft and smoke/smoky odors coming into the home.

A properly sized flue, on the other hand, should allow for optimum draft and optimum performance, and with regular maintenance, a long and effective service life.

Chimney Inspections & Maintenance Are Key

Just like with your other heating appliances, annual inspections are recommended for your oil furnace and venting system. If you have a damaged flue liner or a flue that’s incorrectly sized, Pristine Sweeps’ technicians will notice the problem and recommend steps toward safer, more efficient venting.

And while you don’t have the concerns with creosote that you do with a wood-burning appliance, oil-burning appliances produce oil soot that makes periodic chimney cleaning necessary, too. Your Pristine Sweeps technicians can tell you if your flue is in need of a good cleaning.

Live in Seattle? Rely On Us

Do you live in the Seattle area and have an oil furnace? Don’t forget that your oil furnace venting system needs attention, too! If you need a damaged liner replaced or a flue resized, Pristine Sweeps is here to help! Give us a call at 206-574-8414 or reach out online to make your appointment today.


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