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At Pristine Sweeps, we take great pride in our chimney masonry work and repair services – our expertise includes outdoor fireplace construction, exterior home veneers, and even full chimney rebuilds. It also, of course, includes all types of chimney and fireplace repairs, like chimney crown repairs and rebuilds.

Crown repair before with cracks and spalding
Crown repair after cleaning and Crown Coating
Chimney saver crown repair before cleaning and coating two flues and one crown
Crown Repair after cleaning and CrownCoat the crown is white and beautiful-Pristine Sweeps

From Repairs To Rebuilds, We Can Restore Your Chimney Crown

We most often find crown damage either during an annual chimney inspection or after a chimney leak develops. We certainly prefer the former, since it allows Pristine Sweeps’ technicians to make repairs while the damage is minimal – and long before a full crown rebuild and potential interior repairs become necessary. That’s a part of why keeping up with yearly chimney and fireplace maintenance is so beneficial.

When we inspect your chimney crown for damage, we’ll recommend the best approach for bringing your chimney back to peak moisture protection. This can include the following:

  • ChimneySaver CrownCoat: If your crown has smaller cracks that haven’t developed into large gaps, we may be able to make adequate repairs by sealing the crown with CrownCoat. CrownCoat is a flexible waterproof sealant that covers cracks and protects both the crown and the flue’s interior from moisture intrusion.
  • Crown Rebuilds: If the damage to your crown is more considerable, we’ll have to make more significant repairs and may even need to do a full crown rebuild. If Pristine Sweeps does need to rebuild your crown, you can expect expert craftsmanship and meticulous attention to detail. We want your clean and new crown to look its best and be designed and built to withstand years of weather, while providing the protection you expect and need.

Why Is the Chimney Crown So Important?

The chimney crown is one of your system’s most important barriers against moisture intrusion. A properly constructed and installed crown will divert water away from the flue opening and toward the gutters – without allowing it direct contact with the chimney masonry exterior in the process. Since masonry crowns have to constantly battle the effects of the elements – from the heat of the sun to pounding rain to freezing snow – cracks and spalling can, and often do, develop.

Chimney crown damage quickly gets worse too. Even small imperfections allow water greater access to the inside of the masonry, and the freeze/thaw process can then allow water to expand inside the crown, causing significant spalling damage. Having chimney crown damage repaired quickly and correctly is key to minimizing further chimney damage and keeping leaks from reaching your home’s interior.

What is the freeze/thaw process?

The freeze/thaw process goes a bit like this:

  1. Your unprotected (and very porous) chimney bricks fill with water.
  2. This water freezes once temps drop, expanding and putting strain on your masonry.
  3. Cracks form under the pressure the ice creates.
  4. Temps rise, the ice melts, and more water fills in the new cracks and gaps.
  5. The process repeats, causing more damage with each turn.

The good news is that this whole ordeal can be avoided by simply booking your crown repair and waterproofing services with us today.

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Deteriorating, crumbling mortar joints may need repointing or tuckpointing. Call on the experts at Pristine Sweeps for this skilled masonry repair.