Chase Cover Installation: Trust Us for Quality Protection

In the chimney industry, we consider the crown on a masonry chimney the second line of defense against its biggest enemy: water. (The first defender is the chimney’s cap.)

In a prefabricated chimney system, the chase cover plays that same important role – diverting water away from the flue opening, onto the roof, and safely into the gutters.

Unlike chimney crowns, which are constructed out of concrete or mortar materials, chase covers are made out of various metals, from galvanized metal to stainless steel and copper.

Is Your Chimney Chase Cover Failing?

Many builders install chases with galvanized metal covers, because they have an obvious benefit – of any chase cover material you might choose, galvanized metal is generally the most wallet-friendly. Unfortunately, it’s also less effective at standing up against moisture long-term, so when Pristine Sweeps gets calls about chase cover problems, we’re most often met with a damaged galvanized chase cover.

The problem? A damaged chase cover can’t accomplish its intended purpose. Corroded, worn-away areas allow water to penetrate, which can cause moisture damage to the chase and the interior of your home and shorten the service life of the chimney itself.

What’s the most obvious indication that your chase cover is starting to fail? Rust streaks. Rust tells us that the metal is corroding and breaking down, and if a leak hasn’t shown up yet, it’s certainly on the way.

Chase Cover

We Can Replace Your Damaged Chase Cover

When your rusty, corroded, or otherwise damaged chase cover needs replacing, you have several options.

  1. Our technicians can install another galvanized metal chase cover. The durability of these covers vary, but since we can expect rain for nine months out of the year here in Seattle, galvanized covers can show signs of failure in as few as five years.
  2. We can install a stainless steel chase cover. These will refresh the look of your chase and provide the durability we all associate with and expect from stainless steel.
  3. Another option is to have a copper chase cover installed. While copper isn’t the least costly material, it’s undeniably beautiful. Many of our clients particularly enjoy the colorful look you can only get with copper over time.

Whatever your choice, we’ll provide professional installation, dedicated customer service, and honest advice.

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