Chimney Relining Services: Improve Performance & Safety by Working With Us

Chimney liners play a pivotal role in keeping your chimney running safely and efficiently. In fact, “liner” is almost an unfair term for all a flue liner does. When we think of cupcake liners and shelf liners and trash can liners, we think of something that provides a little distance and maybe keeps disparate materials from sticking together.

A chimney liner is more like a chimney suit of armor and performance enhancer at the same time.

Chimney liner after installation looking up the chimney
Stainless steel liner in process of repair - no crown - Steps in the background
Chimney liner installed in chimney with flue and green house in background
View of tall chimney on home from ground - power lines in the foreground

What A Flue Liner Does For Your Chimney

In the early years of chimney design and construction, chimneys were built without a liner. As advancements were made by the home heating industry (to minimize fire hazards and improve performance), it became clear what a poor choice that was. Not only is the draft in a chimney without a flue liner impeded by masonry imperfections, but heat and byproducts can easily escape into the walls or living space of the home. These masonry imperfections are quickly made worse by the effects of heat, combustion byproducts and moisture. To put it simply, unlined chimneys are far less effective and far more dangerous.

A chimney liner creates a smooth surface that allows gases to flow up and out of the chimney more easily and efficiently. It also provides a strong layer of protection that keeps your chimney masonry in better shape for longer, and in the process, minimizes the chances of fire hazards. Added up, the chimney liner is one of the most important components of your chimney system – and having a liner that’s installed correctly, sized correctly and maintained properly is key to your chimney system being in the best state possible.

If your chimney liner is damaged or incorrectly sized (or worse, MIA), Pristine Sweeps can replace it with a strong new liner that’s expertly installed and warrantied.

Stainless Steel Chimney Liners Are Strong & Durable

Stainless steel lining systems are strong, effective and durable, and when installed by professionals (like the CSIA-certified technicians at Pristine Sweeps), these carry a limited lifetime warranty.

Whether we’re replacing a damaged clay tile liner or resizing a flue to work properly with a new heating appliance, we find stainless steel liners to be a strong choice. We’re all aware of how durable stainless steel is (which is a part of why it’s become more and more popular in so many different applications, from kitchen appliances to building materials), and with no joints to crack or crumble, chimney owners can expect strong draft, long-term.

If you’re interested in our M-Flex or stainless steel lining systems, we’ve got you covered.

We Also Reline Oil Furnace Venting Systems

Just like your chimney flue, your oil furnace flue should be properly lined and maintained. Preserve the lifespan of your oil furnace and its venting system by having your furnace flue lined or relined as soon as possible. Our experts are here to help.

Graphic of chimney showing the inside from the fireplace with the liner going up through the flue

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