Trust Your Masonry Repairs To The Professionals At Pristine Sweeps!

Here in the Seattle area, our masonry can really be put to the test. After all, we get an average of 37 inches of rain every year – and moisture can really do a number on masonry! Is your masonry getting the protection and maintenance that it needs to last?

Masonry Chimney build with scaffolding and ladders set up house is tan
Regular maintenance and waterproofing services can help ensure that your masonry is ready to take on the rain year after year, but should you ever need repairs, you can count on us! We specialize in masonry chimney and fireplace repairs, and can help with the following:

  • Crown Repairs – The crown of your chimney is the masonry topper that seals the chimney and keeps rain and other debris from entering. Unfortunately, many crowns are poorly built or poorly maintained, which leaves them incredibly ineffective. If your crown is showing signs of cracks or crumbling, or if it simply wasn’t built properly or of proper thickness, we can help! Not only can we seal cracks and gaps or rebuild your crown, but we can apply a water-repellent that will prevent further degradation. For more information, please click here!
  • Repointing/Tuckpointing/Spalling – Weather, age and other factors can cause your masonry joints to deteriorate prematurely, or your bricks to crumble and crack. Although these issues can seem normal, they certainly shouldn’t be ignored. Deteriorating brick and mortar can allow water to penetrate the system and wreak havoc, and can leave you with an unusable and unsafe chimney system. If your masonry is showing signs of decay or vegetation growth, let our experts know! We have the skills, tools and education to repair and restore your masonry! Learn more about how we can help here!
  • Firebox Repair & Rebuilds – The firebox plays a critical role in the safe use of your chimney system and appliance, and should always be in good working condition. If you notice water, cracks, holes, rust or any other damage in your firebox, it’s important that you have it professionally inspected ASAP! A damaged or decaying firebox simply can’t do all it should to contain the heat and byproducts of combustion. For more information on firebox repair & rebuilds, please click here!
  • Smoke Chamber Restoration – The smoke chamber refers to the area that connects the throat of the fireplace with the flue of the chimney. When properly designed and in good working condition, it should effectively usher smoke and byproducts up and out of the home. Unfortunately, poor construction is pretty standard when it comes to smoke chambers, making it much more difficult for air to flow up and out of the chimney. If your smoke chamber needs some work, we can help! Click here for more information!
  • Throat Repair – As with the smoke chamber, the throat of the fireplace works to encourage smoke and byproducts up and out of the chimney. But, because of the throat’s location just above the firebox, it is under a lot of stress from heat and combustion byproducts. If your throat is damaged and could use some TLC, our experts can help! Read more here!

Whatever Your Masonry Chimney & Fireplace Needs, Call On The Professionals At Pristine Sweeps!

Our technicians have a thorough understanding of masonry and chimney/fireplace components, and can help you enjoy your system for far longer than you would otherwise. Don’t put off repairs — call 206-574-8414 or click here to make an appointment with one of our CSIA-certified technicians, today!


Having your chimney relined will increase the performance, efficiency and safety of your chimney system. Ask us for more information on this important service for your chimney and fireplace.