Count On Us for Repointing, Tuckpointing & Spalling Repair

As a chimney’s masonry begins to gap and crack, these voids and openings can cause significant leaks and water damage problems. And mortar that has broken down or deteriorated leaves the brick in the masonry exposed to the life-shortening elements.

What can be done to avoid or slow down this process? Well, when the mortar is maintained through repointing or tuckpointing over the years, the bricks in the masonry can last one hundred years or more. That’s why it is imperative that when you notice mortar degradation in your masonry, you don’t wait to get serious about repairs. Keep an open eye for any signs of crumbling, cracking, holes, vegetation, or discoloration. And if you spot it, don’t wait to give us a call or book online.

Repointing and tuckpointing work on chimney with orange tool in a mans hand

What Is Repointing? What Is Tuckpointing?

Well-built mortar joints can last for 25 or more years, but will require maintenance like any masonry structure exposed to the elements. Unfortunately, over time, even well-constructed chimneys can develop cracks and gaps in the mortar. Chimneys in areas with unpredictable weather or with rapid temperature changes are especially vulnerable. And when it comes to masonry damage, water is a main contributor, which means that chimney systems here in the Seattle area are of particular concern.

  • Repointing is the process of restoring the pointing (the exterior part of mortar joints) in a masonry construction, such as a chimney. Basically, the damaged pieces of mortar are removed, the area is cleaned and fully cleared out, then new mortar (matching the existing in color and composition) is added.
  • And tuckpointing? It’s almost the same thing, except tuckpointing refers to the more cosmetic aspects of the process. Essentially, another layer of mortar (in a different shade) is added to ensure you have that clean, finished appearance you’re hoping for.

Why Trust Pristine Sweeps?

Repointing a masonry chimney is a process that requires skills and extensive training. If you care about the safety of your chimney and the beauty of your home, this is not a job for amateurs!

At Pristine Sweeps, our expert masons will assess the condition of your chimney’s mortar and then cautiously proceed with extracting the damaged mortar. In addition to a visual inspection, we might also employ metal scrapers and low-pressure sprayers to help determine the amount of damage. We will work carefully and meticulously to make sure that the work we are doing won’t cause any new gaps or cracks.

And once we remove the damaged mortar, we will apply new mortar. We will custom-mix the mortar to make it as similar to the old mortar as possible. We never do a sloppy job! At Pristine Sweeps, we pride ourselves in completing all of our work with a minimal amount of mess and stress to the homeowner.

As a final step in the process, we can apply a waterproof seal to the fresh repointing job. This will help make sure that water doesn’t seep into any vulnerable places in your chimney. By taking the time to do this preventive maintenance, we will save you time and money in the long run. Plus, you will have the peace of mind that comes with knowing that your chimney is protected and ready for use.

Looking for More Info? Ready To Schedule?

For more information on our repointing work, please give us a call at 206-574-8414. We can answer any of your questions and get you set up with an expert technician. Or, if you prefer to schedule online, we’re happy with that too. We look forward to speaking soon!


Your firebox takes a lot of heat (literally!) and may require repairs or rebuilding at some point. We have the experience and training in masonry repairs to get your firebox in top working order, so give us a call.