Pristine Sweeps – Chimney & Fireplace Services The Residents Of Kirkland Can Trust!

Pristine Sweeps is based directly across from Kirkland — just over Lake Washington in Seattle — and our technicians cross the shores on a regular basis to service chimneys and heating appliances in the Kirkland community. If you’ve been searching for a trusted chimney and fireplace care company in your area, look no further.

As Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA) certified technicians, we’ve undergone extensive education and training, including learning about the history of our trade and of fireplace and chimney construction (that’s a big part of being able to properly repair, renovate and restore historic chimneys). Kirkland has some really fascinating turn-of-the-century buildings to ogle, and we help preserve and restore many of the area’s historical chimneys and homes with our quality chimney and venting services, including: Chimney Sweeping; Chimney Inspections & Video Scan; Troubleshooting; Masonry Chimney & Fireplace Repairs; Chimney & Fireplace Relining; Rebuilds, Renovations & Restorations; Chimney Leak Inspections; Stove, Fireplace & Insert InstallationsStove Sales.


We Can Also Help Protect Your Home Against Water Damage

We love to enjoy the waterfront fun in Kirkland, but water often brings us to town for less positive reasons. Moisture intrusion, when it comes to your chimney, is a big issue, and something we always need to be proactive about. If you’re having problems with water getting into your chimney’s masonry or into the area around your chimney, Pristine Sweeps can inspect the system for leaks, propose the right repairs and finish the job with expert care.

Our technicians can also apply a specially-formulated waterproofing sealant to your masonry chimney that’ll keep moisture from being absorbed and help lengthen the masonry’s service life. Ask us about waterproofing — we’ve found it to be a smart, proactive step that makes a big impact. We want our clients to be able to focus on enjoying the water in Kirkland, not worrying about water damaging their chimney system or home.

If you need expert chimney service in Kirkland, Pristine Sweeps is here to help. Just give us a call at (206) 574-8414!


We’re very happy to say that Pristine Sweeps has many satisfied customers in the Redmond area. Find out more about the areas we provide service to today.