Pristine Sweeps – Delivering Quality Chimney & Hearth Care To Sammamish

If you live in Sammamish and are looking for trusted technicians to take care of your fireplace or stove and chimney, we hope you’ll turn to Pristine Sweeps — our aim is to provide the kind of top-notch service that earns the loyalty of our neighbors all around Northwestern Washington.

Pristine Sweeps is based in Seattle, but our service area spreads throughout King County — we’re always excited to see cities in our area and their unique and beautiful chimneys and hearths. In the several years that we’ve been heading over to Sammamish for chimney and fireplace service calls, Pristine Sweeps’ technicians have definitely gotten a clear view of one commonality: Sammamish homeowners tend to have some great taste. We’ve gotten the chance to repair some truly beautiful fireplaces and inspect and sweep chimneys in truly beautiful Sammamish homes, and we love that our work gives us the opportunity to visit your area on a regular basis.

We Deliver Comprehensive Chimney Care & Quality Customer Service

Whether your chimney system is in excellent condition or could use some repair work, Pristine Sweeps can help. We offer comprehensive chimney and hearth care services, and can help you maintain a safer, cleaner, better-looking and better-functioning system for longer. Our services are designed to meet all of your hearth and chimney related needs and include the following: Chimney Sweeping; Chimney Inspections & Video Scan; Troubleshooting; Masonry Chimney & Fireplace Repairs; Chimney & Fireplace Relining; Rebuilds, Renovations & Restorations; Chimney Leak Inspections; Stove, Fireplace & Insert Installations; and Stove Sales.

Sammamish really is an ideal capture of the natural beauty and warm community vibe that draws so many people to visit Northwestern Washington, and we’re thankful to count Sammamish homeowners among our valued clients at Pristine Sweeps. Are you a Sammamish homeowner in need of trusted chimney work? We’d love to help! Just give Pristine Sweeps a call at (206) 574-8414!


Pristine Sweeps is Seattle’s best chimney and fireplace service. Are you in our service area? Find out more today.