Is Your Chimney Flashing Doing Its Job? Trust Us for Repair & Installation Assistance

You may not realize it, but flashing plays a critically important role in keeping water (the chimney’s worst enemy) out of your home. Flashing is the layered material – usually made of aluminum, copper, or stainless steel – that protects the seams where your chimney and roof come together. This area is particularly vulnerable because, over time, your home will shift and settle, often causing gaps and cracks around these seams that can allow water in. In addition to shifts in the home, strong winds, animals, and excessive moisture (a given here in Seattle) can all contribute to flashing damage or poor performance.

If you have a leak – and suspect flashing as the culprit – schedule with us today. We’re happy to help.

If your flashing isn't doing its job you will find the spalling on the inside of your home

Was Your Chimney Flashing Installed Incorrectly?

Every chimney and every roof is different. As a result, the area where roof and chimney meet requires customized flashing. If you are experiencing leaks, your chimney flashing is one of the first places to check for damage. When a Pristine Sweeps professional inspects your flashing, he or she is first looking to see if it was installed correctly.

Flashing should be installed in two layers. The first layer should be incorporated in with the roof shingles, and the second layer should run up the sides of the chimney. Once the flashing is properly placed, a waterproof caulk is generally used all around it in order to create a watertight seal. If the flashing was installed properly, but still seems to be the source of a leak, we will look for any areas that may be damaged or raised.

Our chimney experts will evaluate your flashing on-site and recommend either repairs or re-installation (depending on your situation). If you need new flashing, we have the tools and materials to customize your flashing on-site. We will analyze your roof angles and inspect all of the seams so that we install the most watertight flashing possible. We know the importance of keeping water out of your chimney and home (especially here in the Northwest) and we guarantee all of our work.

What Causes Properly Installed Flashing To Fail?

Flashing can become damaged or ineffective as a result of high winds, animal tampering, or shifts in the home. In addition, time and wear can cause the caulk that seals the flashing to become loose or break away from the flashing. In this situation, you may need to have your flashing resealed. Metal flashing can also experience corrosion as a result of water damage over time. All of these issues can cause extensive water damage if left untreated.

Call Your Local Experts – That’s Us

Don’t wait until you are experiencing water problems to have your chimney and flashing professionally inspected. Maintenance and prevention can mean significant savings in the long run. Call 206-574-8414 or schedule your professional flashing evaluation online today.


Think of waterproofing as a necessary part of chimney maintenance. It can prevent chimney leaks before they start.