Chimney Brick Replacement & Mortar Repair: Pristine Sweeps Can Fix It

A damaged masonry chimney can leave you feeling embarrassed about the look of your home – but far more importantly, that damage leaves the chimney system and your home exposed to a list of frustrating, potentially expensive problems. From leaks and interior moisture damage to a full rebuild, masonry damage can quickly lead to distressing news and big spending.

If you chimney is marred by crumbled, cracked, or missing bricks, or if it has extensive mortar joint damage, you really shouldn’t be using it either – which means you’re missing out on enjoying the heating appliance that you love. But don’t worry… all is not lost!

Pristine Sweeps’ technicians specialize in masonry work, and all of our masonry work comes with a 5-year labor warranty. If your chimney’s in trouble, we can make the proper repairs to get it back in working order and armed against the elements. Call 206-574-8414 or schedule online today.

Damaged Or Missing Bricks? We Can Help

There are a variety of reasons why Pristine Sweeps may be called in to replace bricks on a masonry chimney. A few common ones are:

  • Spalling Brick: Moisture problems can take down even the strongest brick. If small cracks or erosion allow water to infiltrate your chimney, that moisture can freeze and expand inside the masonry, causing bricks to crumble and flake and be that much more vulnerable to further moisture damage.
  • Missing Bricks: Shifts in a foundation, moisture problems and other issues can lead to bricks actually falling out. And if the damage is considerable enough to make other repair options insufficient, you may eventually require a rebuild.
  • Lightning Strike: The height of a chimney makes it susceptible to lightning strikes, and that can cause either minimal damage that requires small amounts of brick replacement, or it can take out enough of a chimney to make a rebuild necessary. (In the case of lightning strikes, homeowner’s insurance can usually help – while policies don’t cover chimney damage resulting from things like deferred maintenance, necessary repairs due to “sudden occurrences” like lightning are usually covered.)

If you have spalling, cracked or otherwise damaged bricks, give Pristine Sweeps a call – we can get your chimney back in order.

Pristine Sweeps Can Repair Damaged Mortar Joints Too

When mortar joints crack, erode, degrade or recede, the best plan of attack to get your masonry back in proper order is tuckpointing.

What is tuckpointing?

Tuckpointing work is highly detailed, and highly exacting. It includes the careful removal of the remaining existing joint, grinding back to prep the brick surfaces for repairs, and replacing those inadequate joints with fresh mortar.

Besides the care needed to ensure that further damage doesn’t occur during the removal process, another tricky part of tuckpointing work is choosing the material. Mortar makeup has changed considerably over the years in terms of strength and permeability, and in order to maintain both the structural integrity and the cohesive look of your chimney, an experienced masonry technician needs to match any replacement mortar or brick materials properly.

If it’s done improperly, tuckpointing repairs can be glaringly obvious. Even worse, those improper repairs can create strain on the original structure, with new materials that don’t respond to moisture or changes in temperature in the same way the original materials do.

Trust Our Certified Chimney Technicians

Pristine Sweeps’ technicians are extensively trained and certified by the Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA). We know masonry work, masonry materials and the correct way to get the job done.

If you live in the Seattle, WA area and your masonry chimney is in need of repairs, including brick replacement or mortar repair, call Pristine Sweeps at 206-574-8414 or schedule online with us today.


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