We’ll Install Your Stove, Fireplace Or Insert The Right Way!

Factory-built stoves, fireplaces and inserts are hugely popular these days – in fact, according to figures from the Hearth, Patio & Barbecue Association (HPBA), more than 75 percent of the fireplaces installed every year are prefabricated units.

The reasons behind that popularity aren’t terribly hard to pinpoint. Prefabricated appliances are by and large dependable, efficient and budget-friendly, for a handful of key reasons:

  • They’re made of less expensive materials than masonry units (metal and glass, as opposed to brick or stone and mortar)
  • They’re lighter, so installation is faster, cheaper and more flexible (placement wise), since a concrete footing doesn’t need to be built and clearance to combustibles is minimal
  • The appliances and chimney units pass rigid safety and efficiency testing before they hit the market, so marks there have to be high before the unit even gets to you
  • They’re designed to achieve nearly complete combustion, cutting down on fuel waste and byproducts

To get the most out of these efficient and flexible appliances, though, they need to be installed correctly by experienced, well-trained chimney technicians. And at Pristine Sweeps, installations are another one of our specialties.

Whether you’re replacing an appliance that’s seen better days, converting your wood-burning fireplace to burn gas, or adding a brand new unit — we can install it, and augment your current chimney to vent the new appliance properly, or install a brand new chimney.

A Few Of The Other Installation Services Pristine Sweeps Provides

  • Gas Conversions – If you love your wood-burning fireplace’s look but you haven’t had the time to get much use out of it, a gas conversion might be for you. Pristine Sweeps can install gas logs or a gas insert in your existing appliance, and have your fireplace ready to go with the flip of a switch. For more information, click here.
  • Fireplace Screens – Fireplace screens provide an added level of safety, and can keep hot embers from jumping out of the fire toward combustible materials (or people and pets). A new fireplace screen can make a big difference in your fireplace’s look, too, whether you’re replacing an old, dingy mesh screen or adding a contemporary custom screen with eye-grabbing decorative frame. Read more about screens here.
  • Glass Door Installation – We regularly install new glass doors on masonry fireplaces for clients who are looking to refresh the look of their unit without taking on a full fireplace facelift. We can also replace the glass doors on many prefabricated units. Find out more about glass door installation here.

Pristine Sweeps Sells Stoves And Inserts, Too!

Along with installation services, Pristine Sweeps also sells a variety of beautiful and dependable stoves and inserts. Talk to us about what you’re looking for — we can help you find the perfect appliance!

When you need a fireplace, stove or insert installed, call Pristine Sweeps at 206-574-8414 or click here — our experienced, CSIA-certified technicians can do the job right!


When it comes to heating appliance and stove sales, you’ll be happy to know that Pristine Sweeps stocks a variety of the most dependable appliances available today. Ask us more when you give us a call.