Chimney & Fireplace Services: We Can Take Care of It All

Taking care of your chimney and fireplace is one of the most important things you can do to ensure the safety of your home. Like any other home appliance, your chimney and fireplace must be inspected on yearly basis, and regular maintenance should be performed to make sure that it is operating correctly. When a chimney system is not operating correctly, it can be a source of wasted energy, wasted money, and life-threatening danger.

Needless to say, it is incredibly important to have your chimney system and fireplace thoroughly inspected by a professional chimney sweep at least once a year.

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What Services Does Pristine Sweeps Offer?

Why Book Annual Chimney Inspections?

Now, you may be thinking that an annual checkup seems excessive and unnecessary – even more so if you rarely fire up the old thing.

However, it isn’t just use that can lead to chimney system problems and degradation, especially not here in Seattle. The chimney is a prominent feature on most homes. From its vantage point at the top of your roofline, your chimney is subjected to Mother Nature’s harshest punishments. It takes on almost constant wind, rain, snow, and the wear and tear that results from the freezing and thawing cycles and moisture-related vegetation and algae growth. Plus, most chimneys are made of brick and mortar – these are porous materials that will break down over time without proper maintenance and repairs.

Whether you’re experiencing efficiency, safety or aesthetic issues with your system – or you’re simply looking to keep moisture out and problems at bay – you can count on the professionals at Pristine Sweeps. We are dedicated to providing our neighbors here in the Seattle, WA area with comprehensive and reliable chimney and fireplace services.

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Protect & Preserve Your Chimney System By Calling On The Experts!

Whether your system is working superbly or is giving you nightmares, the pros at Pristine Sweeps can get it to and keep it at top-level function and safety. Plus, we offer waterproofing services, which are a must here in Seattle! For all of your chimney and fireplace needs, call 206-574-8414 or click here!


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