We Specialize In Third Stage Creosote Removal

When you enter the world of fireplace or stove ownership, one of the first things you should learn about is creosote. With wood-burning appliances, creosote is always a concern, as it’s potentially flue-constricting and always highly combustible. In fact, it’s one of the most consistent contributors to chimney fires.

That’s why removing creosote by keeping up with regular chimney sweeping appointments is key to keeping your chimney system at its highest levels of performance and safety. If you’re using the right fuel in your wood-burning fireplace or stove (seasoned or kiln-dried cordwood), keeping up with regular chimney inspections and chimney sweeping appointments, and having repairs made as necessary, you’ll likely never need to go beyond learning the basics about creosote.

But if third stage creosote develops in your chimney, further action is absolutely necessary.

chimney cap with crosote damage

What Is Third Stage Creosote?

Third stage creosote is often called glazed creosote, because it looks like a dark, shiny glaze has developed on your flue walls – almost like a thick sugar-candy shell. Your basic first stage creosote is more fluffy or powdery, and it can be removed during a basic chimney sweeping with the specially-designed brushes and vacuums Pristine Sweeps’ technicians use. Second stage creosote develops a stiffer, crunchier texture, and is trickier to remove.

But third stage creosote is, by far, the most difficult to get rid of.

Glazed creosote begins as a gummier, thick and tar-like substance, which cools and hardens into a glazed state. And once it’s glazed onto your flue walls, traditional sweeping methods won’t do a bit of good toward removing it.

crosote damage down chimney

Why Do I Need To Have Third Stage Creosote Removed?

All creosote is highly flammable, so as its presence increases, so does the possibility of a chimney fire. Glazed creosote, however, brings extra worry – if it ignites, it will spread that much more quickly, making the likelihood of a chimney fire spreading beyond the chimney more pronounced. Not only is it incredibly flammable, but creosote buildup can also cause your appliance to burn less efficiently, harming both your wallet and the environment.

How Can Third Stage Creosote Be Removed?

Third stage creosote removal is an involved process that requires the use of specially-formulated chemical cleaning products. These products work by changing the texture of the creosote for easier removal. In conjunction with these products, our trained technicians work carefully and consistently to remove as much of the glaze as possible, without damaging the flue liner and masonry. Pristine Sweeps specializes in third stage creosote removal. Our technicians have the training and experience to do this exacting work right.

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Regular chimney inspections with a video scan will provide all the information you need to keep your chimney in tip-top and safe condition…that’s why we offer this as part of our chimney inspection and sweeping