Your Chimney Cap Is Small But Mighty

Your chimney cap is a small component in your chimney system, but it offers big benefits when it comes to protection.

Without a chimney cap, your flue is vulnerable in a number of different ways:

  • There’s the likelihood of moisture intrusion, with rain, sleet and snow having an open invitation right into your chimney’s interior.
  • There’s the threat of unwanted animals that, drawn to a safe and enclosed space, decide to move into your chimney.

Water is a consistently destructive force on chimneys (especially here in Seattle), and nesting animals are a nuisance and a danger. Moisture can slowly crack joints, break down brick, and corrode metal. Animals carry in debris for their nests that can block off your flue, limiting the chimney’s ability to vent, allowing heat to rise inside of the flue and potentially leading to a chimney fire. Animals also bring insects, odors and squeaking and scratching that’ll definitely put a damper on movie night. We also have to consider young and sick animals that, unable to crawl up or down, get stuck inside of the chimney and die.

With a chimney cap properly installed, your chimney system protection against water and animal intrusion is significantly boosted– and it’ll look better, too.

New white chimney cap on chimney

New Chimney Cap Installation: Another Place To Add A Touch Of Style

Chimney cap designs range from the very basic to the ornate and eye-grabbing, from sleek stainless steel to arresting copper. If you’re interested in a simple chimney cap that’s primarily for function, Pristine Sweeps can recommend a durable cap that’ll do the job well. If you want to explore shapes, sizes and finishes that put an exclamation point on the look of your chimney, we can help you find that perfect cap, too.

Whatever looks you gravitate toward, you can be confident that the experienced technicians at Pristine Sweeps will install your new cap efficiently and correctly — we take pride in our work, and in helping our customers enjoy better-protected chimneys.

Chimney Cap Repairs

If your existing chimney cap seems to be leaking, or if it’s been pulled up or off in a storm, call Pristine Sweeps. If it’s possible to repair your chimney cap, we’ll do the job; and if you need a replacement, we can recommend and install a beautiful and functional new cap.

Don’t Wait – Call Us!

Don’t let your chimney be vulnerable to moisture and animals without a properly functioning chimney cap. If you need repairs or a new cap installed, click here or call 206-574-8414– our experienced technicians are ready to help!


We can renovate, rebuild or restore your chase cover for maximum protection against intrusion of water, animals or other debris. Whether you need installation or restoration services for your masonry hearth system, you can count on Pristine Sweeps.