We Specialize In Firebox Repairs & Rebuilds!

Your firebox is the part of your heating system that takes the brunt of the heat and does the real dirty work. That’s why it’s important to show it a little love and make sure it’s working efficiently and safely.

Some Of The Most Common Reasons For Firebox Repairs Are:

  • Water damage: Water damage is the number one reason fireboxes need repair. When water leaks into your firebox through your chimney, it can lead to cracks and gaps in the brick and mortar. It can also cause vegetation growth, spalling and lime-leaching, leaving white splotches of calcium deposits all over the surface of the brick. Lime weeping can also take place when water comes into contact with the brick and mortar in your masonry fireplace. This lime weeping leads to the formation of stalactites, which, last time we checked, belong in a cave, not in your living room. In addition to the damage that water can do to your firebox visually, it seriously compromises the integrity of the firebox structure, and can significantly shorten its lifespan. If you’re noticing any of these visual signs of water damage in your firebox, chances are you have a serious leak in your chimney. When a leak is left untreated, it is likely to rot the wood and produce mold in the walls and ceiling surrounding your chimney system. Before we address the spalling or other visually unappealing damage, we will locate the source of the water damage and make the necessary repairs. Once these repairs are made, we can move on to restoring or rebuilding your firebox.
  • Poor Design and/or Craftsmanship: Not everyone is a skilled mason, and not everyone has the knowledge and experience to design and install a firebox. Maybe you thought you were hiring a professional, but your dream fireplace came out looking like something from a bad “do-it-yourself” video. Well, mistakes can happen, but they shouldn’t factor in to the safety and efficiency of your chimney and fireplace. Or maybe that beautiful, but somehow unbelievably cheap stone turned out to be just that: unbelievably cheap. At Pristine Sweeps, we have a passion for masonry and design and an eye for detail that you just don’t see anymore. We guarantee that your firebox work will be done beautifully and efficiently.
  • Prefab Part Replacement: Perhaps you ordered a prefab firebox, and something simply isn’t working properly. We have experience repairing all types of fireboxes, regardless of manufacturer or age. If the parts are still available, then we can fix it.
  • Age: Brick and mortar masonry is meant to be durable, but will inevitably crack and crumble over time. This can happen as a result of extremely drastic temperature changes (freeze/thaw cycle), water damage, and improper maintenance. If you notice any cracking or crumbling in your firebox, it is important to have a professional check for possible causes. You may have a leak that is causing extensive damage that you can’t even see.

Whatever your firebox repair needs, we are educated and trained to get the job done right. We want your firebox to be in perfect condition, so you can enjoy the warmth and ambiance of your fireplace for years to come. If you live in the Seattle, WA area and would like more information or need to schedule an appointment, call 206-574-8414 or click here!


You can find out if your fireplace’s smoke chamber is negatively affecting your chimney’s performance. If it is, we can provide the needed masonry fireplace repair.