Smoktite Can Make A Better, Stronger Smoke Chamber

Smoke chamber restoration can be a very involved job, requiring the removal of bricks and the damper frame, and the hand-application of refractory cement to the entire area to smooth and protect it. It’s a significant and highly worthwhile effort — since this process, called parging, equips your smoke chamber to better stand up against the high heat from your fires. Parging also creates smooth surfaces that encourage draft, which is key to the proper and efficient function of your chimney.

Depending on your specific chimney and the state of your existing smoke chamber, Pristine Sweeps’ technicians may recommend parging, or we may recommend the use of Smoktite. Smoktite is an innovative spray-on smoke chamber repair and restoration product that can provide marked improvement to a smoke chamber, with a much less involved and time-consuming installation process.

Nasty flue before Smoktite lining
Beautiful clean flue after Smoktite liner added
Chimney bricks before smoktite application
Chimney bricks all clean after smoktite

What Is Smoktite And How Does It Work?

Smoktite is a ceramic product, which means it holds up exceptionally well to the heat produced in your firebox (gas logs and many other fireplace and chimney products are routinely constructed out of ceramic material). It’s also designed to be sprayed onto chimney smoke chambers, which allows professional chimney technicians like Pristine Sweeps’ to install the product without the masonry or component removal that would usually come before a parging job.

When applied properly, Smoktite seals over cracks and holes (up to one inch in diameter), smooths out the surface of the smoke chamber, and provides a layer of protection, not only against heat (it’s been tested to withstand temperatures as high as 3,000° Fahrenheit), but against acidic deposits and moisture, too.

A smooth surface allows gases to pass through the smoke chamber into the flue, without their flow being hampered by jagged drops. And the protection the ceramic material provides improves your whole chimney system — after installation, you have a chimney that’s protected from the firebox up, not just from the bottom of the flue liner up. Essentially, it all adds up to a stronger smoke chamber, a more efficient chimney, better protection against chimney fire hazards, and a longer overall chimney service life.

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