Stone Veneer Provides the Beauty & Durability of Real Stone

Do you love the look of a stone fireplace, but hate the idea of the installation time and cost involved with traditional natural stone? Pristine Sweeps recommends and routinely installs a variety of stone veneer products which offer the remarkable beauty that comes with stone in a lighter, more budget-friendly form.

Natural Stone Veneer: The Real Thing… With a Twist

Quality stone veneer products are made with thinner cuts of stone assembled into panels, which are designed for seamless installation and minimized waste. Whereas traditional stone fireplace faces will be constructed piece by piece, stone veneer panels cover a much larger surface area, which helps cut down on materials, installation time, and installation costs.

Since natural stone veneers are made with real stone, if you’re set on stone, you’re getting the beauty you’re looking for with no aesthetic compromise. And you’ll be able to choose from a wide variety of looks — from color and cut to texture and shape — in creating the exact fireplace face you want.

These veneer products are also subjected to stringent quality control testing, so you can expect beauty that’ll hold up through the years.

Stone Fireplace

A Draw for Green-minded Homeowners

Many manufacturers construct natural stone veneers with recycled or reclaimed stone, which adds another real plus if you aim to keep an eye on your ecological footprint as you make improvements to your home.

Particularly Tight Budget? Let’s Talk Cultured Stone

Pristine Sweeps can help you achieve your desired stone look, even if your budget makes you think that any kind of stone is out of the question. Cultured stone is designed to mimic the natural beauty of stone with lighter materials and lower cost.

If you’re interested in learning more about cultured stone, our experienced technicians can help you compare and contrast, weigh options and costs, and come up with the perfect choice.

Are you in the market for a fireplace facelift with the beauty and durability of stone? Give Pristine Sweeps a call at 206-574-8414. We’ll work with your budget to help deliver a freshened fireplace that you’ll love. You can also schedule online – thanks for choosing us.


Cultured stone offers a different fireplace facelift option that could fit your tastes and your budget, so ask us for more information.