Pristine Sweeps Can Solve Those Fireplace Lighting & Burning Issues

When the heating season starts, we all want to be able to get as much enjoyment as possible out of our fireplace or stove. And we know how frustrating it can be when you can’t get your fire lit, or can’t get it to stay lit or burn properly.

If you’re dealing with lighting or burning issues, give Pristine Sweeps a call – whether you’re burning wood or gas, or have a fireplace, stove or insert, we can find your problem and make the adjustments or repairs necessary to get those fires burning again.

Common Fireplace Lighting & Burning Problems

My Gas Fireplace Won’t Light

A gas fireplace that won’t light can just be a simple case of user error — for instance, a fuel valve that isn’t open all the way, or a breaker that’s been flipped. Your pilot light may have gone out, too. But failure to light can also indicate more significant issues, like a gas line problem, wiring problems, draft problem, or a malfunctioning thermopile, among many other kinds of damage or installation issues.

My Gas Fireplace Won’t Stay Lit

If your fireplace lights but sputters or quickly goes out, that could indicate a wiring issue, a clogged burner, a damaged thermocoupler, or other kinds of damage.

Natural Gas Fireplace

My Fireplace And Chimney Are Getting Sooty & Dirty

A lot of homeowners choose gas fireplaces and stoves because they’re more convenient than wood — and generally cleaner-burning as well. An increase in soot deposits might indicate that an appliance needs adjusting or that there is some kind of flue blockage – when your chimney isn’t venting properly, soot buildup increases, and that problem compounds unless the blockage is removed.

The Fire in My Fireplace or Stove Is Smoldering

The ideal kind of fire to have in your fireplace is small and hot – the firebox isn’t overstuffed, you’re using the proper fuel (kiln-dried or seasoned wood only), and the fire is getting the oxygen it needs to burn. That oxygen is an oft-overlooked key to a good burn, and there are a variety of things that may be denying your fire the oxygen it needs:

  • Your damper might not be open all the way (perhaps because it’s broken or jammed with creosote buildup).
  • The flue may be dirty and blocked with debris or creosote, obstructing the chimney’s draft.
  • Your energy-efficient doors or windows might have your home so well sealed that a sufficient amount of combustion air isn’t accessible.
  • Your flue might be the wrong size.

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These are just a few of the common fireplace and stove lighting and burning complaints and problems Pristine Sweeps’ technicians come across regularly. If you’re having trouble lighting your fires – or keeping them lit – give us a call. We’ll inspect your system to diagnose and troubleshoot any issues, and make the necessary repairs to get you back to enjoying your heating appliance.

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Regular chimney sweeping is important for the safe operation of your chimney. That’s why we include it as a basic part of our chimney inspections and sweeping services…we’ve got you covered!