If you have an older, masonry fireplace, you likely have what is called a throat damper. This is one of the very important working parts of your fireplace and chimney system. When the damper stops working, it is very noticeable. The house can fill with smoke, it can be difficult to start or keep the fire going, and during the offseason, you might find critters in your fireplace. In simple terms, the damper closes the flue.Picture of chimneys with top sealing dampers

The Problem with Throat Dampers

When it comes to throat dampers, they are often damaged due to the amount of use they get in the throat of the flue. It isn’t just routine use that damages the throat damper, but the prolonged exposure to corrosive materials such as soot and creosote. Creosote buildup can cause the damper to become stuck in the open or closed position, and the mechanism can also rust due to water exposure. No matter what is wrong with your throat damper—and even if nothing is wrong with your throat damper—exchanging it out for a top-sealing damper offers many benefits that are worth exploring.

Top Sealing Dampers

When our customers need a new damper, we recommend the top sealing damper for economic reasons as well as longevity. Instead of installing inside the chimney system at the base of the chimney, the top sealing damper installs atop the chimney opening. Yes, this is where the chimney cap sits. This is because when you have a top-sealing damper, not only do you get a functional efficient damper mechanism, but it also doubles as a cap. The top-sealing damper works like a chimney cap when it is opened, keeping out rain, animals, and suppressing sparks. It can be closed from right inside the house at the hearth opening, and when it closes it does so with an airtight seal that neither water or air can penetrate, animals cannot open, and wind cannot move. We recommend top-sealing dampers to our customers looking to replace their dampers because they are the best damper products and saving money in the process.

Save Money with Top Sealing Dampers

Your throat damper did the job, but now there is a better option. Unlike the throat damper, the top sealing damper prevents ANY air from entering or exiting the chimney. This means that heat loss, conditioned air loss, and drafts are 100 percent prevented when the damper is closed. This means it cannot be engaged while a fire is lit in your home because it will allow smoke and carbon monoxide into your home. However, when used properly, and closed only when the fire is out, your new top-sealing damper will stop the waste of utilities caused by your chimney—that’s why it’s been called the energy-saving damper!

Not only will your top-sealing damper save you in utilities, but it will save you in chimney repairs. Don’t fret over how much the summer storm is going to affect your flue. Don’t worry about animals living in your flue and leaving damage and debris behind. The top-sealing damper is so effective at closing the flue that this protection prolongs the life of the chimney, prevents costly damage, and still gets the job done.

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