When your chimney crown gets damaged, it can be a real problem for your entire chimney system. Over time, even a well-constructed crown made of the proper materials can become damaged to allow water into the chimney system. When you allow water into your chimney system, it can destroy parts of the chimney leading to rust, damage, hazards, and a drop in efficiency from the inside out.

The Chimney Crown

a lovely masonry chimneyThe chimney crown acts as a ceiling for the chimney. It is a concrete covering that protects the chimney opening from the flue to the edge of the chimney. It also directs water off and away from the chimney. Ideally, the chimney crown is made of concrete and metal mesh. It should also have a certain slant to allow water to runoff, and it needs to be no less than 4 inches thick at its thinnest edge. A properly chimney crown has a two inch overhand and a drip edge to keep water from running down the chimney masonry.

All these elements make a good chimney crown. If it isn’t made to these specifications, the chimney crown will not last as long as it should. It will also allow water to enter and damage the masonry or flashing. It’s important to have a professional handle your chimney crown construction and repairs to avoid costly damage later on. A well-constructed crown will need fewer repairs over the years. Oftentimes, we can restore a well-constructed crown by using CrownCoat. However, if it is built wrong, it will need a rebuild.

Pristine Sweeps Fixes Chimney Crowns

In our area, precipitation can wreak havoc on even a well-built chimney system. It’s important for homeowners in our area and throughout the Pacific Northwest to schedule routine maintenance for their chimney systems. When we inspect your chimney and chimney crown, we can often fix any issues easily with CrownCoat, or we can rebuild the crown before it gets worse.

  • CrownCoat – Cracking and flaking can create voids and gaps in the crown over time due to sunlight and water exposure. We can fill and smooth over this damage with CrownCoat, an industrial product designed to restore crowns. It is a flexible, waterproof sealant that covers cracks and protects the crown from moisture. We will never recommend a full crown rebuild when a minor repair, which saves our customers money and restoring safety all in one swoop.
  • Crown Rebuild – If your chimney crown is made poorly or if the damage is substantial, the safest option is to rebuild the crown completely. Our expert craftsmen and meticulous attention to detail will create an exceptional product for your home and chimney, following industry standards for crowns and safety.

If you suspect a leak, it’s time for a crown check. If you haven’t had a chimney inspection for your system in the last 12 months, it’s time to get one now. Avoid more damage by having your crown assessed today. Call Pristine Sweeps at 206-574-8414 or schedule an appointment online!