If you are looking for the best chimney liner or want to repair your damaged liner, HeatShield is our best bet!

If you are looking for the best chimney liner or want to repair your damaged liner, HeatShield is our best bet!

For those who have an older clay chimney liner that needs repairing, HeatShield is a revolutionary way to fix clay liners, saving you money on relining your chimney. Pristine Sweeps is proud to offer HeatShield as a method to repair your clay chimney liner, keeping you from replacing your flue liner. For safety reasons, cracks and gaps in your liner should be repaired as toxic gases and vapors can enter your home if these are left unrepaired. According to the Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA), chimney liners are essential as they protect your home from heat transfers to combustibles, protect your masonry from the corrosive by-products of combustion, and increase the efficiency of your fireplace. Seeing the importance of a good chimney liner, HeatShield can easily repair a cracked clay chimney liner, and we at Pristine Sweeps would like to tell you more about this innovative repair technique.

What is HeatShield?

A ceramic refractory sealant, HeatShield fills in those cracks and gaps in your clay chimney liner to create a smooth, even, and air-tight surface, making your old liner almost new again. Tested extensively, HeatShield resists moisture and damage from the corrosive by-products of combustion. Our technicians at Pristine Sweeps have been trained in the application of HeatShield and are experienced in relining many clay flue liners with this product.

Are there different types of HeatShield?

Yes, there are three different types of HeatShield, and the CSIA-certified technicians at Pristine Sweeps will inspect the condition of your chimney liner with a closed-circuit camera to determine which of these three is right for repairing your liner. These different types include:

  • HeatShield Joint Repair If the only damage to your chimney liner is to the joints, we will use this type of HeatShield by applying it with a custom-fitted applicator to make the joints strong and smooth again.
  • HeatShield Resurfacing If your clay chimney liner merely has cracks and gaps, we can resurface the entire liner with this HeatShield product. Your flue liner will be cleaned and primed, and then our expert technicians will apply this HeatShield sealant material all the way down the length of your chimney, again using a custom-fitted applicator.
  • HeatShield Relining If your clay chimney liner is damaged beyond repair, we will select the HeatShield CeCure Sleeve relining system to completely reline your flue. This process involves a custom-designed ceramic and stainless steel sleeve that we will install and reinforce with two surrounding layers of the HeatShield ceramic refractory sealant. Pristine Sweeps can also do this procedure if you have no chimney liner at all.

What are the benefits of HeatShield?

Much more cost-effective than purchasing a new chimney liner, the HeatShield products thoroughly repairs cracks and gaps in a clay chimney liner, making it as good as new. HeatShield has been proven to last for years, allowing you and your family to enjoy your fireplace for a long time without repairing or replacing your flue liner.

If you are unsure about the condition of your clay chimney liner or if you do not have a chimney liner, contact Pristine Sweeps today to talk to our staff about this amazing product and arrange an appointment with our expert technicians to come out to inspect the state of your liner.