We live and work in the wettest region in the United States. Seattle is rainy for the majority of the year, so waterproofing your chimney is vital. No matter where you live, it’s important, but here in Seattle, it’s critical. If water gets into your chimney system, it can wreak havoc, and even a well-constructed chimney can become compromised. Schedule waterproofing services now, and avoid water damage to your chimney and your home.

Water Damage

Water will cause damage to your masonry chimney from the inside out. In fact, here are some of the effects you can expect:

  • Rusted parts include doors, hinges, damper assemblies, and more.
  • Deteriorated metal parts
  • Rotting adjacent wood, wall coverings, floors, ceilings, and walls
  • Exterior and interior masonry stains, water stains on the home interior
  • Compromised and deteriorated central heating system
  • Clogged and dirty flue and clean-out area
  • Cracked and damaged lining system
  • Collapsed hearth support, chimney structure, and settlement

A leaky chimney can cause lots of problems for your home. If water gets into your chimney, it will make its way into your home, running through walls and floors until it reaches its lowest point. It will then pool and form leaks. The leaks and the bulk of the water damage may not be anywhere near the chimney itself! This is why it’s crucial to call a chimney sweep if you have leaks in your home. It’s likely caused by a leaky chimney.

Prevent Chimney Leaks

Chimney leaks are 100 percent preventable. When you keep your chimney well maintained by scheduling regular inspections and chimney sweeps regularly, you are less likely to have leaks. Your chimney sweep will make sure your cap, flashing, and crown is intact. These things work together to protect your chimney from water penetration, but what about the masonry itself? We have waterproofing services for that.

Pristine Sweeps will Waterproof

At Pristine Sweeps, we take pride in the services we provide and the products we offer. We put our trust in the industry-leader, ChimneySaver, and the vapor-permeable water-repellent products. Similar products claim they keep water out while allowing your chimney to function, but they are usually silicone-based, trapping the combustion of the fire inside the small space of the chimney. Instead, ChimneySaver products are vapor-permeable, which allows the masonry to breathe while still keeping water molecules out. This water-repellent continues to work for years, and it doesn’t change the appearance of your masonry at all, while protecting your masonry.

Let Pristine Sweeps waterproof your chimney this spring. Call 206-574-8414 right now or request an appointment online.