Did you have your chimney inspection this spring? If you’ve had an inspection and your chimney professional reported a liner problem, we can help. In fact, we do a lot of chimney liner repairs and relining in the spring. At Pristine Sweeps, we see chimney safety a top priority. We recommend getting your chimney liners replaced immediately if they are damaged.

Liner is a Barrier

Your chimney liner keeps the fire and all the byproducts inside the chimney. Without a proper liner, the heat can transfer from the flue and into your home. This make wooden supports around your chimney brittle and weak, ignite flammable materials, and lead to a potential house fire. Without a proper liner, you may also experience carbon monoxide  when gases escape from the flue. Carbon monoxide can cause serious injury to everyone in your home.

Types of Liners

Your liners have a very specific job to do, but this ability differs depending on the type of fire you burn. For instance, stainless steel liners are appropriate for all fuel types, whereas clay tile liners are only safe to use with wood fires and cannot withstand the moisture produced by gas and oil fires. Likewise, an oil furnace should be properly sized, maintained, and made out of the proper material.

Common Liner Problems

Your chimney liner can cause trouble if it’s made of the wrong material, and your fireplace and chimney can also be inefficient if the liner is improperly sized. Spalling masonry can also cause damage to your liner. Flue fires, earthquakes, tornadoes, and foundation damage can also cause issues in your liner. Once damage occur, it must be repaired immediately to keep your home and family safe.

Why Choose Pristine Sweeps

The certified chimney sweeps at Pristine Sweeps are trained and experienced in installing, repairing, cleaning, and maintaining all types of chimney liners. When it comes to resurfacing and relining, we are certified to install HeatShield Cerfractory sealant. By using HeatShield, we offer a swift repair that is long-lasting, durable, appropriate for all fuel types, and comes with a limited lifetime warranty.

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