When it comes to your chimney, the liner is one of the most important part of the system. The chimney liner protects your home surround from the extreme heat transfer of your fireplace. In order to do this job properly, the liner must be made of the appropriate material, sized correctly, and properly maintained. At Pristine Sweeps, we service, repair, and replace liners, and we recommend stainless steel liners for your liner needs.

Stainless Steel vs. The Alternative

Stainless Steel Liners Flue liners have historically been constructed out of clay tiles and terra cotta. This is the cheapest option for liners, but it is not the best option. These liners do not absorb heat or distribute it well, and they often crack under high temperatures. If your chimney has a clay tile liner, you may find pieces of the tile in your firebox, especially if you have never given any attention to your liner. This is a sign that there are cracks and gaps in your liner, which can create a hazard for your home and family. Additionally, clay tiles are not appropriate for gas heat either.

Metal liners are definitely more durable than clay tile liners. However, they need to be installed alongside insulation, and the type of metal matters too. Aluminum is appropriate for use with gas fire appliances. If you want a liner that’s appropriate for all fuel types, durable, good quality, and at a good price, then stainless steel is the way to go. We install stainless steel liners because they work the best to keep the chimneys and families safe.

Chimney Liners Matter

The liner does a lot to protect your system, and it works to protect your home too. If you don’t want to put your home at risk for any danger, then learn about what liners do below.

  • Liners Keep Fire in its Place – The liner is what keeps the high temperatures and toxic gases from moving through the masonry into your home. Without the liner, heat exposure can weaken structural supports of your house, even collapsing or igniting them. Cracks and gaps in the liner can also allow toxic gases through the masonry into your breathable air.
  • Liners Keep Protect the Masonry – Soot and creosote are corrosive chemicals that can damage your masonry. The liner protects the masonry from soot and creosote, as well as other hazardous gases and chemicals that can deteriorate your masonry.
  • Liners Size the Flue Properly – The liner helps to size the flue appropriately for the capacity of the appliance or fireplace. A liner can transform a too-tall chimney into an appropriate-sized flue or resize for a new appliance.
  • Liners Help Restore Structural Integrity – When we reline a damaged chimney with a stainless steel liner, we install it with insulation. This improves the structural integrity of your chimney even more.

Even the CSIA emphasize the importance of a proper chimney liner in relation to your whole system. If you’re confused about the type of liner you need, call an expert at Pristine Sweeps. You can reach us at 206-574-8414 or contact us online.