You’re most likely done using your fireplace for the season. Although some people might be using their fireplace for those few cold spring night. Whether you’ve closed it for the season or you’re continuing to use it, everyone can benefit from a new fireplace screen. We are going to let you know some of the benefits of having a new fireplace screen.

During Burning Season

  • A fireplace screen could help your home retain heat, which helps to save you money. Did you know your open masonry fireplace is probably wasting a lot of money as air and heat is escaped out of the chimney. By installing a fireplace screen, you can double the heat your fireplace makes for your home! A properly installed fireplace screen will absorb the heat from the fire and radiate it to the whole room.
  • Investing in a fireplace screen could also help to keep smoke out. Your new fireplace screen can also improves the heating and efficiency of your fireplace. Sudden downdrafts, a cold chimney, or high pressures can cause smoke to push back into your home. This is not good for your health and can be a pain to deal with. A new fireplace screen can force any potential smoke up the chimney, where it belongs.
  • Installing a fireplace screen can also Increase the safety of you and your whole family. A fireplace screen can get somewhat hot, but it is another barrier against the extreme heat of that hot fire. Fireplace screens serve as a barrier for young children and pets, and it also prevents stray sparks, coals, and logs from escaping the fireplace.

During the Off-Season

  • A fireplace screen helps to prevent animals and drafts from coming through your fireplace. Even when the fireplace isn’t in use, children should stay clear of it as if it’s dangerous. A screen keeps toys, debris, pets, and household rodents out of the chimney system.
  • Installing a fireplace screen can give your fireplace an instant face-lift. You may not need a fancy new appliance or have the time and money to give your fireplace the look you want. By investing in a new fireplace screen may give your fireplace an fast and simple new look. With the help of a professional to choose the best screen for your fireplace, it can enhance the beauty of your hearth immediately.
  • Having a fireplace screen can also save you money. It can help save you money not only in the winter but also in the summer as well. A fireplace screen can prevent less conditioned air to escape through the fireplace and chimney.

Getting Started with Help from Us

If you’re ready to improve the look and the function of your fireplace – get started today! Spring and summer is a great time to make necessary changes and repairs to your fireplace, and when fall arrives, your fireplace will be ready for you!

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