In a lot of ways, the Pacific Northwest is known for three things: Seattle, Portland, and rain. We know our service area in and around Seattle for so much more! The cities in which we work, live, and play are known for vibrant wildlife, beautiful landscapes, cultural diversity, friendly neighborhoods, good schools, outdoor adventuring, food, education, fun, and many, many other things.

Expert Chimney Services in Bellevue

Based in Seattle since 2008, Pristine Sweeps has been providing expert services to homeowners in the area ever since. It just makes sense that we occasionally cross


Lake Washington to help out our neighbors in Bellevue as well! We renovate, repair, and install with state of the art products and quality services year after year. Why do we continue this trek? Because our customers want experts! Because our reviews on Angie’s List, Yelp, and Better Business Bureau (BBB) rating tell us that we need to extend these 5-star courtesies and services to other cities. Our friends in Bellevue and beyond need safe and warm homes as well as those in Seattle.

How Far Will We Drive?

We don’t let a little water stop us at Pristine Sweeps! After all, we live in one of the wettest regions in the United States. We serve the towns east of Seattle as well, including Redmond, Bellevue, Issaquah, and Hobart. If you reside in King County and want to make sure you’re within our service area, simply give us a call. We don’t want to leave any chimney unswept or in disrepair for too long.

Bellevue Values are Our Values

Bellevue is not unlike the other major towns in the Pacific Northwest, keeping environmental health a priority. Many of the community programs in Bellevue and beyond are focused on environmental friendliness, awareness, and sustainability. This is a value we and the rest of the chimney industry share. Efficient chimneys are better for the environment because they produce less particulate pollution. They burn less wood, create less ash, and even reduce dangerous fires that can lead to devastating wildfires. It is our goal that these fires and other fire-related hazards are reduced to protect both the families we serve and the communities where we live.

Bellevue Schools, Shops, and Recreation

There is more to Bellevue than the residential areas where our technicians frequently service chimneys. We love to visit local schools and talk about technical careers, trades, and business ownership. We love to share with students young and old all the ins and outs of fire safety and preparation. We enjoy weekends at local shops, diners, and restaurants. We take our families to local pools and attractions, adventure in the forests, volunteer for local organizations, and more. You might not notice us because we’re usually in our Pristine Sweep gear and busy at work!!

Shop Local

When you’re looking for goods or services, where do you turn? There is certainly some benefit to choosing a large corporation during your busy shopping seasons. There is even a case for those who choose regional or national companies to complete certain services. If you reside in our service area, we urge you to schedule with us. Not because we’re better than everyone else, and no even because we’re the only company in the area. We urge homeowners in Bellevue and beyond to hire locally so that your dollars stay in your community. Because our business is local, your money stays in this area, boosting the economy in Bellevue, keeping the community safe, reducing fires—all for Bellevue and beyond. Just like you might be tempted to help out the neighborhood handyman by hiring him to provide services, hiring a local small business does as well. Where a local handyman may not have the proper licensure or credentials to get a chimney job done, we do! For chimney services in Bellevue and the surrounding area, make sure you hire the certified professionals.

Why Choose Pristine Sweeps

If our location isn’t reason enough to hire Pristine Sweeps, then our credentials should be. We are CSIA Certified and one of the only companies in the Seattle area with a National Chimney Sweep Guild membership. We even attend the National Chimney Sweep Convention every year so that our team can stay abreast of all the changes in this always-changing industry. If you’re looking to schedule any chimney services this winter or even in the off-season, call Pristine Sweeps today. You can reach a chimney expert today at 206-574-8414.

Ask about services that can bring value to your home. We install new appliances that are efficient and safe. We repair products that are defective or worn out. We diagnose and repair leaky chimneys. We upgrade, update, and face-lift ugly or outdated fireplaces. Are you living in the Pacific Northwest but haven’t had your chimney waterproofed? We even prevent future damage by applying water repellent to the exterior masonry. Find out how we can protect your masonry and for how long.

Depend on a company you can trust, a neighbor you can count on. depend on Pristine Sweeps.