There are many things in your home that can cause you to raise your eyebrows throughout the year. Chimney odors are one of the things to detect or resolve. They can be a nuisance because they are constant or intermittent. They are often unexpected, and it can also be difficult to determine the cause.

spalling masonry chimneyPristine Sweeps knows about chimneys all too well, and we’re here to tell you that not all chimney odors are the same. However, every odor that comes from your chimney during the off-season or while the fireplace is not in use is a problem and needs to be addressed. The odor is a warning sign that are pointing to other potential dangers lurking inside your chimney. We want to help you understand some of these chimney odors and explain what each of them means for your chimney.

Smoker/BBQ Odors

Many homeowners think that it is normal to have odors coming from the chimney at first, but odors in the home that remind you of a dirty barbecue grill or smoker are a problem. This particular odor is very overpowering and can worsen when the weather changes. Barometric pressure and a rise in humidity can cause this condition to worsen, making your stinky chimney very bothersome.

Dirty chimneys cause smoky odors. Homeowners can stop these odors by scheduling a chimney sweep with our professionals. By cleaning the chimney system of soot, creosote, and ash in the spring will prevent odors when humidity rises in the summer.

Mold/Mildew Odors

The mold and mildew odor is more subtle and often plagues chimney, but it also occurs all around the house. If things aren’t kept tidy or if the water is present in the home where it is not supposed to be, this causes mold, mildew, and even bacteria to grow and produce an odor. If your chimney system smells of mold or mildew, it is a big problem for your chimney system but also your family. These odors can exacerbate respiratory illnesses and infections in family members with asthma, COPD, and other lung conditions.

Chimney leaks will eventually cause odors of mildew and mold, which will eventually make their way into the home. Homeowners can avoid this by scheduling annual chimney inspections. With a professional chimney inspection, a licensed professional can identify and repair water entry points, preventing water damage that is both costly and dangerous.

Foul/Decomposition Odors

The most recognizable odors are often the worse – the foul and decomposition odor. If you smell this obvious, pungent scent of decomposition in your home, it is time to call our professional. It is likely that something inside your chimney flue is an obstruction, a fire hazard, and has begun to produce gases and odors of decomposition.

There is likely a dead animal inside your chimney system. Odors of decomposition can occur subtly when any organic material decomposes. However. It may be that your system has unburned wood such as debris or leaves that have fallen into the flue, or nesting materials or fur brought in by animals.

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