Let Pristine Sweeps inspect your chimneys so that you won't have to feel anxious about the safety of your home due to chimney problems.

Let Pristine Sweeps inspect your chimneys so that you won’t have to feel anxious about the safety of your home due to chimney problems.

Regular Inspection to Keep Your Fireplace and Chimney in Pristine Condition

Chimney cleaning along with an annual check-up is the most essential part of chimney maintenance. Without it, a lot of problems could surface. Draft problems could start due to blockages resulting from creosote buildup. If your chimney is clogged, it can put your family in harm’s way. Accidental house fires or carbon monoxide poisoning and the possibility of a back draft are among the undesirable things that could potentially happen if you take your chimney for granted.

This is exactly why the Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA) has identified several chimney inspection and cleaning companies that are certified and equipped according to their standards and Pristine Chimney Sweeps is proud to be among those. These yearly chimney inspections also have their relative degrees or extent to how far the probing goes. To help you understand these levels a little better, here is a short overview.

Inspection Level 1

There are three levels involved in the maintenance of an indoor fireplace and chimney system called inspection levels. Level 1 is the most ordinary and common, and is the first stage of inspection. This is done annually given that there has been no modifications or changes done to the home heating sytem or in the way it is being used. This important routine is conducted by a technician, or better yet, a CSIA certified chimney sweep which we in Pristine Chimney Sweeps are proud to be the only ones in the Seattle area. Routine checks of all visible parts and the flue is made to determine that the entire system functions perfectly, safely, and properly.

Inspection Level 2

A level 2 inspection can be ordered by a chimney sweep if in case the first inspection showed evidence of a future hazard or danger for the residents of the house. If they do see a threat, be advised never to attempt to use your fireplace or chimney until the necessary repairs are done. If you bought a new house or if you’ve just moved in, a Level 2 inspection is also required. If there’s something that needs to be fixed, you can’t just light up your fireplace without prior inspection, you know. For people who want to modify the functions of their fireplace, a level 2 inspection also has to be done.

Inspection Level 3

In a level 3 Inspection you can assume that the structure in question is definitely unsafe due to the underlying problems that are yet to be investigated further. If your sweep recommends this type of inspection, do not delay! Otherwise, the consequences could cause harm – and not just to property.

To most of you, it may have been a while since you last took notice of your chimney. But be warned that this helpful feature should not be taken for granted. Call Pristine Chimney Sweeps today so we can give you a thorough assessment of the condition of your fireplace and chimney system.