Now is the time to schedule your chimney inspection. Spring and summer have passed, and it is time for fall which means your fireplace is about to do its job! In order to do its job well, the fireplace and chimney system should be in ship-shape. The problem for the homeowner is that most of the chimney is hidden from view, and most homeowners aren’t professionals and don’t know what indicates a problem. Scheduling annual chimney sweeps–and scheduling them in the fall–is the best way to protect your family from chimney hazards this winter. Chimney inspections also save you time and money. Let us tell you how.Inspections Protect the Whole Family - Seattle WA - Pristine Sweeps

Inspections Raise Efficiency and Safety

The CSIA diagnostic inspection is the standard by which chimneys are assessed and problems are diagnosed. When it comes to chimney safety, even your homeowner’s insurance will look for the CSIA inspection as proof that your chimney system is safe. According to both CSIA and NFPA (National Fire Protection Association), systems that are annually inspected and regularly cleaned are safer and more efficient. Higher efficiency means less waste, less mess, less damage, and less required services appointments. There’s really no reason to skip your inspection!

Types of Inspections

The annual inspection that every chimney system requires is a level one inspection, which often comes as part of a standard chimney sweep. Scheduling routine services is great for your chimney and your wallet because when your chimney is swept, it’s also assessed. A level two inspection is more thorough, including hidden portions of the system by way of the attic, basement, and crawl space access. A level two is required before a property is sold or transferred and when there is a hazard or problem identified. If your system has experienced a serious storm, fire, or earthquake, a level two is also required. This inspection includes a video scan of the interior so nothing is missed. When something is found during a level two, then a level three inspection is scheduled.

Beat the Fall Rush

When you schedule your inspection now, you can beat the fall rush. This is the time between October and January when chimney sweeps won’t be able to fit you into their busy schedule. Many homeowners even schedule their fall services months ahead to ensure they get the technician and the company they want. Don’t hesitate to call and schedule with Pristine Sweeps. We are happy to schedule ahead, and take appointments year-round. Scheduling now, at the beginning of September means we’ll have time to get your chimney inspected, and you’ll have time to make necessary repairs before burn season.

Call us at 206-574-8414 so you can rest assured that your system is ready for the season and safe for the family.