Your chimney and fireplace should work well all winter long. If you start to notice a problem with your system, it may be an easy fix, or it may need some professional attention. For instance, if your fireplace is smoky, you may be able to correct it by changing your firewood, stopping a nearby draft, or warming up the flue before building a fire. If troubleshooting at home doesn’t fix your fire issue, it may need a part repaired or replaced, which definitely needs professional attention.

Signs of a Faulty Damperholiday socks in front of decorated fireplace

Your damper is designed to prevent air from flowing through the flue. It is traditionally placed at the throat of the chimney and used to close off the air when the fire is out. If it is closed during a fire, smoke will push into the living space instead of rising up the chimney. When it malfunctions it can be a serious problem.
Smoky fires, difficulty-to-light fires, smoldering fires, and carbon monoxide exposure can all be due to a damper issue. You may even be spending more on utilities than necessary, and it’s all due to your throat damper!

The Problem with the Throat Damper

Because the throat damper is made out of metal, the corrosive gases and materials produced by the fire can deteriorate it over time. Soot and creosote may also buildup on the damper, causing a dangerous fire hazard, and clogging the mechanism so that it doesn’t properly open and close. This is why it’s important to schedule routine maintenance. Chimney sweeps, completed by a professional at regular intervals will keep the system clear of creosote buildups and will make you aware of any possible damage or hazards.

Aside from damage, there are other things to consider where your throat damper is concerned. If you don’t have glass doors on your fireplace, your damper may be allowing a draft into your home throughout the year. This draft may be costing you up to three times more in utilities than necessary. Your heated air can escape through winter, and your cool air can escape throughout summer. If you’re tired of paying too much to keep your home comfortable year-round, you can save money by calling Pristine Sweeps today.

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If you suspect a damper problem, it’s important to call the professionals before using your system. Failing to replace it or make a repair can result in serious injury or death. At Pristine Sweeps we fix dampers by cleaning away the gunk that may be preventing proper function or replacing it altogether. We can replace your throat damper with a new one with a better seal and easy function, or we can install a top mount damper.

Energy saving dampers, or top mount dampers are installed at the top of the flue and function as both a damper and a cap–protecting the chimney system from the top to bottom. When closed, the top mount damper has an airtight seal that prevents even the smallest bit of air or moisture into the system. This saves you money in water damage repairs AND saves you money in utilities.

Get started now when you call Pristine Sweeps. We’ll have your damper working properly and safely before the New Year.

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