Of all the parts of your chimney system, the flue liner may be the most important. Next to the masonry itself, the liner is the largest part of the system, and protect the masonry from the heat. Liners may be made of various materials, including aluminum, clay tiles, and stainless steel. When you’re choosing a liner for your chimney, it’s best to involve professionals from the start.

Pristine Sweeps Uses M-Flex Lining SystemsOld chimneys on colorful houses

At Pristine Sweeps, we recommend M-Flex stainless steel lining systems, manufactured in the U.S., and known for strength and durability. In most cases, we like to repair damaged liners in order to save our customers time and money. However, we may recommend an M-Flex relining if:
-You’re switching appliances and need the flue re-sized
-You’re changing fuel types and the current liner isn’t safe to vent the new fuel
-Your liner was damaged by fire, lightning, earthquake, water, or other occurrences
-Your liner is badly deteriorated and affecting safety and efficiency
-Your chimney was built without a liner
-You’re adding a new fireplace and chimney system to the home

Diagnosing a Liner Problem

Many liner problems are not recognized by homeowners because the liner is a hidden portion of the chimney. The signs of liner damage are much more subtle than many may think. For instance, if your masonry is hot to the touch, there is likely a liner problem letting heat transfer through the masonry. This is both a hazard and a problem with efficiency. Other signs may include:
Carbon monoxide intrusion — if your carbon monoxide detector is going off, there is a problem! Call a professional to have it checked out for leaks. When the liner is damaged, the toxic gases move through the masonry into the home.
Broken clay tiles — You may find pieces of clay tile liner inside your fireplace. This means there are cracks and gaps in the liner and pieces of the existing liner have fallen down the flue.
Smoky fireplace — A smoky fireplace indicates an efficiency problem, damage, or a chimney liner that may be sized inappropriately.

M-Flex Lining Systems

At Pristine Sweeps we install M-Flex lining systems that can restore and improve the way your chimney system works. M-Flex stainless steel liners are specially designed to resist all the damaging effects of creosote. They carry a lifetime warranty and their flexibility allows for installation in any chimney, big or small. Because the M-Flex lining system is stainless steel, it is also appropriate for all fuel types and appliances. You can schedule an appointment with Pristine Sweeps to make sure your chimney is properly lined, that it’s made up of the proper material, and that it’s sound from top to bottom.

Schedule now and your work can be completed before burn season. Only a licensed and certified professional can repair and restore your chimney, bring it up to code compliance, and offer preventable services that will protect the work through winter.

Call Pristine Sweeps today to schedule a diagnostic inspection today.