As the temperatures outside continue to climb higher and higher, fireplaces are often the furthest things from most homeowner’s minds. However, just because it is too hot to use your fireplace doesn’t mean you should ignore it entirely!

Summer is one of the best times of years to have chimney maintenance done. This year, beat the fall rush by having your chimney swept in the summer, getting it out of the way and leaving your ready for the year to come.

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The benefits of summer chimney sweeping

Most homeowners do not use their fireplaces during the summer when it is hot outside. Not using it during this time of the year, however, makes it the perfect time to have chimney maintenance done!

First, having your chimney swept in the summer means you will not experience any breaks in fireplace usage while your chimney is being swept. Likewise, if any significant damage is discovered during the sweeping you will not be put out in the cold – sometimes literally – if you cannot use you fireplace while you wait for repairs to be completed.

Next, a summer chimney sweeping gets your chimney ready for fall. Having your chimney swept in the summer ensures that it is clean long before the first cold snap of the season. Likewise, summer weather is ideal for masonry repairs, some of which cannot be done in wet or cold conditions.

Lastly, because summer has been traditionally considered a “slow” season for chimney sweepings, homeowners with busy schedules may have better look securing a convenient appointment time.

The importance of having a swept chimney

Having your chimney swept is one of the most important things you can do to improve the safety and lifespan of your fireplace and chimney system. According to the Chimney Safety Institute of America, all homes should have their chimneys swept at least once per year. A regular annual chimney sweeping not only ensures that the chimney is free from damage, debris, or other blockages but also keeps your fireplace running safely and efficiently.

One of the primary purposes of chimney sweeping is the removal of creosote. Creosote is a highly flammable byproduct of all fuel burning fires. It accumulates in the flue and can both damage your chimney and endanger your family is left unremoved.

When creosote is allowed to accumulate in the flue, it can be easily ignited with stray sparks or embers. In fact, creosote ignition if the number one cause of all chimney fires. In addition to creating chimney fires, creosote can also cause significant chimney odors. Creosote chimney smells can fill your entire home with a smoky odor and are often made worse by summer’s hot and humid weather.

This year, don’t put off maintenance until the first cold spell of the year. Now is a great time to get your chimney swept! Contact Pristine Sweeps today to schedule your summer chimney sweeping to get your fireplace system ready for fall!