Temperatures are dropping, and even the mild Pacific Northwest is seeing a drop in temperatures and changing of seasons. This is the time when you should begin to think about burn season, and keeping your household safe this winter. A lot can go wrong through the winter months, and the easiest way to stop a chimney problem is to prevent it.

Prevent Chimney Fires and Winter Damage

Chimney fires are most often caused by a blockage, buildup, or drop in chimney efficiency. When your fireplace and chimney system isn’t maintained properly, you can expect a problem. Instead of preparing for the worst, prevent it by scheduling routine maintenance. A chimney inspection can catch weaknesses and hazards that will drop the chimney’s efficiency, resulting in slowed airflow which contributes to fire.

CSIA Inspections

The Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA) and the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) both recommend routine maintenance for the safest and most efficient chimney systems possible. By hiring a CSIA-certified company, you get a thorough inspection of the entire chimney system, and the comfort of knowing that your chimney system is without-a-doubt, fire-ready. Certified chimney sweeps undergo extensive classroom and field training before being able to call themselves certified, and then offer the best services available. There are three levels of this the CSIA inspection:

  • Level One – Required annually, when nothing has changed about the system. It includes an assessment of all the readily accessible portions of the chimney system.
  • Level Two – Required when land is sold or transferred, following a change to the system (new appliance, change in fuel type), or a natural occurrence that can affect the system (tornado, earthquake). This inspection includes everything from a level one, as well as hidden portions of the chimney system in attics and crawlspaces.
  • Level Three – Recommended when a serious hazard is identified from a lesser level inspection. This inspection is a thorough assessment of the entire system, as well as points of concern where components may be removed of the structure or the chimney for access to hazards.

Schedule with Pristine Sweeps for a CSIA Inspection Today

When you schedule your annual inspection with Pristine Sweeps, you can count on professional courtesy and expert service every time. Our technicians work swiftly and thoroughly, utilizing video equipment to show you an up-close video scan of your chimney. With this technology, we don’t miss a thing. Using the footage and the overall assessment, our technician will complete a written report for your records, and discuss repair plans if necessary.

We value all of our customers in the Seattle area, and strive to offer the services to best keep them safe and comfortable this winter. That is why we do a video scan with every inspection –not just the level two, as required. Call and ask about chimney inspections today or use our online scheduling tool.