Spring has finally arrived, and many homeowners across the U.S. are experiencing the aftermath of a harsh winter – damaged masonry chimney. Unfortunately, in Seattle, much of the chimney damage of our customers is caused by water. Water damage can quickly lead to a chimney rebuild. Other reasons for a chimney rebuild include neglect and disrepair, serious structural damage caused by an environmental occurrence such as fire, seismic activity, or tornado. You may think your chimney is damaged enough to need a rebuild, but only a professional will know if you need repairs or a rebuild!

We Replace Brick and Mortar

masonry chimney with blue skyYour chimney may have spalling masonry after a long winter. This mean there are cracks between the bricks, loose bricks, and gaps in the masonry. You may find pieces of mortar and bricks in your yard or on your roof. At Pristine Sweeps, our master masons can repair your chimney, no matter what condition it is in. We will remove each brick and mortar. Then mix a mortar of equal consistency, color, and strength to replace the bricks properly. This job is called tuckpointing, and it repairs the masonry of the chimney. It also helps to bring your chimney back up to full function and beauty.

We Rebuild Fireplaces

Whether you’re looking for simple and traditional brickwork or intricate stone and design, we can help. We work with all types of brick and stone, and we can mimic any design. We can even restore old fireplaces that have been poorly maintained. Rebuilding the fireplace is a task left to an experienced professional only, trained in chimney and fire science as well as fire safety codes. Our team of experts is just what you need, and we can come into the home or roof and get the job finished before more water enters your system. Spring is a great time to get this work done and to have your masonry waterproofed against further precipitation.

From Top to Bottom

If your chimney needs a rebuild, repairs, or maintenance, then our team is here to help. At Pristine Sweeps, it is our goal that every chimney in and around Seattle is safe to use and efficient. That is why we will restore your crown, make sure you have a chase cover, chimney cap and flashing, and ensure that all parts are working properly and safely together.

When you are ready to have your chimney thoroughly inspected, repaired or rebuilt, it’s time to call the professionals. Count on the trusted chimney professionals of Seattle for your chimney needs. Call Pristine Sweeps at 206-574-8414 or request an appointment online.