Your chimney is built to last. However, it can become damaged, worn, and outdated over time. Sometimes your chimney can go on being used with a little work. Sometimes components should be removed and replaced to bring it up to safety codes. Other times your chimney may need to be rebuilt or renovated completely. Pristine Sweeps is a one-stop chimney sweep company! We can maintain your chimney from first construction and for its life thereafter. That is why our sweeps specialize in repairs, restorations, rebuilds, and renovations.

Common Chimney Work to Keep it Going

Pristine Sweeps specializes in masonry construction and repair.

Common chimney work that our chimney sweeps are proud to offer our customers in the Seattle area include the following:

  • Brick and Mortar Repair and Replacement
    Masonry repair such as tuckpointing may be the most common required for chimney restoration. Spalling bricks and mortar can become a serious problem quickly. Unfortunately, if left unchecked, it can result in chimney disuse. Pristine sweeps can get your chimney back to it’s former functionality and beauty by a process called tuckpointing. This is where bricks and mortar are removed and replaced with mortar of the same strength, consistency, and color as the existing. This process also restores mortar joints that might have affected the structural integrity of your chimney.
  • Fireplace Face-Lift
    During a renovation or upgrade before a sale or re-finance, you can hire Pristine Sweeps to help you maximize the results of a new fireplace. Our masonry experts can add a stone veneer, or construct a new, beautiful stone or brick hearth to bring your fireplace to life. Our technicians work closely with homeowners to ensure the finished product is the fireplace of your dreams! Making it beautiful, safe, and efficient.
  • Repair, Replacement, and Installation
    Missing or damaged components such as dampers, chimney caps, chase covers, and more can mean a fire hazard. This puts your family and home at risk. We can repair or replace the damaged parts of your chimney system. Thus, resulting in a beautiful fireplace and chimney that is efficient and safe!
  • Restore Fireplaces
    Is your firebox beyond restoration and you don’t want the stress and cost of a full rebuild? Pristine Sweeps can still restore your fireplace by instilling an insert! If the chimney is functional and safe, one of our fireplace experts can help you choose an insert. It will then retro-fitted into your existing firebox and connected to your chimney. It gets your fireplace back to burning before fall.

Professional Services and the Best Products

Our chimney sweeps at Pristine Sweeps are CSIA certified who put customer safety and comfort first. When you choose Pristine sweeps you can count on professional services, beautiful work, and competitive prices. To find out how you can benefit from the expertise of Pristine Sweeps call 206-574-8414 today!