Whether it’s the house itself, or a chimney, the home you’ve been admiring down the street may not be faced with real stone. In today’s market, more and more developers and homeowners are leaning toward optionsStone fireplace that are just as beautiful but pack less of a blow to the wallet. When you’re considering new construction or planning a refacing for a part of your home or your fireplace and mantel, you can consider the cheaper option too. Cultured stone is a product that is beautiful, comes in a variety of styles and options, and is affordable.

Cultured Stone

This building product is made of aggregate materials and cast to look like natural stone. It comes in a variety of styles and colors and offers the look and feel of a variety of stone types. The cultured stone weighs less than the natural stone so it is cheaper to ship and this is reflected in the price! Many homeowners may be worried that cultured stone will not last as long as natural stone, but that isn’t true. Cultured stone is well-made and durable, so when it’s installed correctly, it will stand the test of time.

Cultured Stone for Your Fireplace

Can you choose a cultured stone to face your fireplace and chimney? This is a question many homeowners are asking, and until recently it hasn’t been a popular option indoors. Now we are seeing more and more homeowners choosing cultured stone. Using cultured stone Pristine Sweeps has been able to go into homes and create the fireplace the family has always wanted. We’ve completed cultured stone jobs that bring up value for sale or refinance. We’ve refaced the fireplace for remodels, and with the variety of options cultured stone offers, we can match any décor or interior design you have in mind.

Getting Started with Cultured Stone

If you reside in or around Seattle and you own or build homes, we can talk to you about using cultured stone for the finishing touches on your fireplace and chimney. Our customers love cultured stone not only for its beauty and durability but also because it takes less time to install and is cheaper for labor. Since cultured stone is light, our technicians don’t have to worry about adding a foundation or footing to the fireplace to support the new stones. The truth is they aren’t stones at all, so we don’t have to treat them as such!

Built to Last

Although cultured stone is NOT stone, is lighter than stone, and cheaper than stone, it is still what we recommend at Pristine Sweeps. We like using cultured stone because it lasts. Because of the materials that cultured stone is made from, you can count on it lasting as well as concrete and brick and many manufacturers offer warranties of up to 50 years.

In all, manufactured stone is not for everyone, and if budget allows, stone is still a great option for your home and fireplace. Our team at Pristine Sweeps is trained and experienced installing cultured stone, however. We use it in two-bedroom townhouses, and we use it in five-bedroom constructions. Invest in your home today, with cultured stone and Pristine Sweeps.

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