After a long winter, many people start on their routine maintenance such as lawn work, home improvement, or repairs. However, when it comes to the chimney, your routine maintenance should include a professional chimney sweep and inspection. Once inspection and sweeping are complete, your chimney will be safe and efficient again. At Pristine Sweeps, we can help you determine if your system is working and if it needs improvement or repairs.

A Pristine Sweeps Inspection

masonry chimney at sunsetThe National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) and the Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA) agree: the safest and most efficient chimneys have regular cleanings and annual inspection. An annual inspection is the only time an expert is looking at your chimney. There are three levels of CSIA inspections. They range from a visual inspection of readily accessible portions to a focused demolition to access hazards.

The level 1 inspection does not affect any of the actual chimneys, as it is only a visual overview. For a close look at your flue, it takes special equipment to acquire video footage. Our professionals at Pristine Sweeps include a video inspection in the level 2 inspections to check the work after a flue repair.

Common Video Findings

At Pristine Sweeps, we knows just where to look to find the common wear and tear of your chimney. By using special video equipment, we can detect damage to the chimney flue, creosote buildup, animal damage, nests, debris, evidence of leaks, water damage, and age-related deterioration. Many of these damage won’t be detected by the homeowner until it becomes a real problem.

Professionalism and Excellence

If you own or manage property in the Seattle area, and you haven’t had your fireplace or chimney serviced since burn season, it’s time to call us now. Pristine Sweeps offers chimney sweeps and inspections year-round, we also include detailed reports and video footage for your records or for your real estate agent, code department, or attorney. The video findings help us diagnose chimney problems, help us check our work, and get a full view of the flue interior. Our team of chimney sweeps are experienced and trained in using these special equipment.

Don’t put your trust in an amateur. Trust our professionals. We won’t just inspect your chimney today, but we can provide all the maintenance, repairs, and installations you need for the life of your chimney. Call Pristine Sweeps today at 206-574-8414 and schedule your video inspection!