Spring is in the air, and homeowners are shutting off their fireplaces for the season. Sometimes, this include a chimney sweeping or inspection. Other times, it’s simply shutting the fireplace doors and the damper after the last stack of wood is burned. However, when you schedule your annual maintenance, we recommend our customers to schedule them in the spring. Spring is perfect because our schedule is more open, and it also gives you plenty of time to address repairs if needed.

At Pristine Sweeps, we know the extend of damage that water can bring to your chimney system, and we want to let you know too. That is why we recommend homeowners to get ahead of the water problems by scheduling their services now. After a long, cold winter, your chimney system may have damage that could allow water to enter. In order to protect your chimney system from water, it likely needs repairs and waterproofing. The team at Pristine Sweeps is the one to trust!

Common Water Damage

rainbow and rainPristine Sweeps is located in the wettest area in the continental U.S. We see water damage quite often. When our customers find water damage in their fireplaces, appliances, or chimney systems, they trust us to find it and fix it. We diagnose leaks, repair damage, and correct the problem at the source. Some common water damage include the following:

  • Rusted assemblies, accessories, glass doors, and metal parts
  • Deteriorated firebox and central heating system
  • Rotting adjacent walls and covering
  • Stained walls, furniture, masonry, and ceiling
  • Cracked flue liner
  • Collapsed or spalling structure
  • Tilted or leaning chimney

Preventing Water Damage

It’s important for your chimney system to be inspected by a professional regularly. Otherwise, damage that can allow water into you system will only get bigger to allows even more water in. Because of the materials that make up the masonry, water can destroy it from the inside out. This causes damage to the chimney itself, but it can also cause leaks and mold in other areas of your house.

  • Professional Maintenance – Professional sweepings and inspections is the best way to prevent water damage this spring. Small cracks and gaps in the masonry now can only mean serious damage down the road. Dislodged flashing or cap can allow rainwater into the system, and only a professional can catch these issues.
  • Masonry Repairs – Do not wait to schedule masonry repairs! As soon as damage is noticed by the family or reported by a professional chimney sweep, repairs should be scheduled right away. Our team can repair your damaged masonry and waterproofs it for good measure.
  • Waterproofing Services – We use a waterproofing agent which keeps water molecules from passing through the masonry. Store-bought products, which cause a glossy sheen and trap moisture and gases inside your chimney. The product we use is vapor-permeable allowing the chimney to breathe, and it protects your chimney fully too.

Water can destroy a masonry chimney if leaks are not detected and addressed. When you have a chimney leak, it’s important to involve a professional, as we know where and what to look for. Call Pristine Sweeps for prevention, diagnostics, repairs, and more at 206-574-8414 today!