Seattle is more than organic herb gardens and the Space Needle. It’s more than rainy winters and beautiful ocean views. Seattle is a community. It’s great schools, volunteer organizations, community action, businesses,seattle skyline families, and more. Seattle is more than our place of business. Our owner and our technicians all live in the Seattle area and call it home. We grew up here, went to school here, earned important credentials here, and chose to stay and serve our friends and neighbors here.

Education as Priority

A Pacific Northwest native, owner Aaron Woodward has used his business degree from the University of Oregon to run Pristine Sweeps with the mindset of a successful business owner. With this mindset, our priority is the safety and comfort of our customers, friends, and neighbors in the Seattle area. Our goal is to “create a company that is educated, experienced, and honest, and to provide our customers with the information, opinions, and solutions needed to make educated decisions about their home heart appliances.” This goal drives us to make education and training a top priority for our leadership team and employees. We are one of the only companies in the Seattle area that belongs to the National Chimney Sweep Guild (NCSG) and that sends chimney sweeps to a 5-day National Chimney Sweep Conference EVERY year. We are also one of the only companies in Seattle that makes CSIA certification a priority.

Seattle Chimney Care

We have certifications and training that says we know how to diagnose and repair chimneys. We have business experience and know-how that means we know how to manage our business, marketing, and customer care. These are all things that other companies in other areas have. The Pristine Sweeps difference means that we know our regional climate. We know that the rainy season can wreak havoc on chimneys. We are also well-studied in fire safety standards and codes in the area. No matter what kind of problem your chimney has, we can fix it within code and before it leads to more problems and costs for you!

Waterproofing Chimneys in Seattle

The biggest problem for chimneys in our area is water damage. The rainy season, as well as coastal air, can lead to serious damage to chimneys—especially mason chimneys. Fortunately for our customers in the Seattle area, we are well-aware of how the climate in the Pacific Northwest can destroy chimneys, and we are trained and experienced in preventing it. If you haven’t had your chimney waterproofed, now is the time. We not only use a water-repellant to protect the masonry, but also maintain the flashing, crown, and cap to prevent water penetration year after year. If you haven’t scheduled your waterproofing services, there is still time before the wet season begins.

If you reside in Seattle and you own a home or business with a chimney or fire appliance, call us so that we can keep it working for you.

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