Your chimney crowns sits on the very top of your chimney, so it endures all the elements of mother nature. When your crown is incorrectly-sized, wrong slant or improper materials, you can expect even more damage to occur and eventually cause more problems.

The Well-Made Crown

We Repair and Rebuild Chimney Crowns - Seattle WA - Pristine SweepsThe chimney crown covers the top of the chimney from the flue pipe to the edge. To allow water to drip off instead of running down the masonry, it should overhang the masonry by at least two inches. The slant from the flue to the edge directs the water to run off instead of pooling on the crown and leading to deterioration. An amateur may install an improperly-fitted crown, or construct it out of leftover mortar instead of new mortar or concrete specially mixed for the crown.

If the crown doesn’t have a sufficient slant, water will pool to deteriorate the structure over time. Any damage to the crown, even minor cracks and gaps will lead to chimney leaks and more damage in the future. A well-made and maintained crown can be assessed and repaired before it is seriously damaged. At Pristine Sweeps, we repair damaged crowns before they suffer further damage.

Repairs With CrownCoat

Because of the climate in our service area in Seattle, Pristine Sweeps is experienced in chimney crown maintenance. We know that prevention is key, so we use CrownCoat by ChimneySaver. With this product, we’re able to repair and seal a damaged crown, restore it and protect the masonry and interior from water damage. Unlike other sealants at local home improvement stores, CrownCoat is an industrial product available to professionals. It is a flexible waterproof sealant that covers cracks, repels water, while still allows heat and gas to escape.

Crown Rebuilds

If after inspecting your crown, we find that it’s too damaged for CrownCoat, we will recommend a rebuild. Our expert craftsmen can create and install a custom-built crown that works of a long time. We can even waterproof your chimney too! Since it’s so hard to see the top of your chimney from the ground, it’s essential to schedule routine inspections. During a routine inspection, a Pristine Sweeps professional assess the entire system including the crown, and recommend repairs needed.

Scheduling your inspection now give our professionals plenty of time to make repairs before fall arrives. Avoid the fall rush, as our chimney professionals are busy with repairs, installations, and emergency calls concerning chimneys. Call 206-574-8414 or schedule online now!