Complete necessary services and repairs now to protect your chimney for the summer and prepare it for usage this winter. You can have a more efficient and safer chimney this year than ever before. Start with a certified chimney sweep who can diagnose your chimney issues before they become a problem.

Smoke Chamber Problems

Smoke chamber problems commonly occur in chimneys that are older or not regularly inspected and serviced. In fact, your chimney system may not be up to code, and you are completely unaware. Besides the firebox, the smoke chamber endures the most abuse and has specific structural guidelines. It’s the place where the smoke and hot air rises from the firebox, mixes, and then rises up the flue. The masonry in the smoke chamber may sustain wear-and-tear over time, even if it was well-constructed. Damage in the smoke chamber can directly affect your chimney’s performance. It’s important for the smoke chamber to have a specific slant and for the surface to be smooth in order to direct smoke into the flue in the best way.

Smoke Chamber Parging

If the masonry in your smoke chamber is jagged, if bricks and mortar are exposed or missing, or if it was constructed improperly, efficiency will drop and your masonry can be damaged by corrosive chemical byproducts. Suddenly your chimney system is a hazard. Your chimney professional will recommend a smoke chamber parge. Parging may include the removal of affected bricks and the damper frame, and the application of a refractory product to reinforce and reshape the smoke chamber. Smoktite is a highly insulative ceramic product that seals, smooths, and insulates the smoke chamber without removing the damper or adjacent brickwork.

Pristine Sweeps is a certified installer of Smoktite for smoke chamber parging. We are confident in the durability and ease of this product at up to 2291 degrees. Using Smoktite, we may be able to restore your smoke chamber completely, without parging, and our priority is to keep you safe while saving you time and money. Don’t leave your smoke chamber work up to the amateurs. Trust the professionals at Pristine Sweeps–Seattle’s choice for chimney sweeps and fireplace repairs.

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