Now is the time that homeowners across the country are reaching for their matches—or remotes if they burn gas—to light fires in their homes. A high-efficiency fireplace can save you hundreds throughout the season by helping to take the edge off the cold. Our customers in and around Seattle utilize gas, wood, and pellet fires for zone heating, secondary heating, and even primary heating. A fire appliance not only helps to heat the home, but it also adds beauty and ambiance to your home—especially through the holidays!The Value Of CSIA Certification Image - Seattle WA - Pristine Sweeps

A Safe Fireplace for the Holidays

Before putting your Yule Log on the fire for your holiday festivities, make sure it’s as safe and efficient as possible. Burning a fire in an unsafe fireplace and chimney system can be a recipe for disaster, resulting in damage to the system, dangerous fumes affecting your home, and even a fire risk that can cost you your home and your life. Whether you’re having guests come to town or it’s just your family and Santa’s cookies at the hearth, make sure the chimney is safe by scheduling an inspection with a CSIA-certified chimney sweep.

The Importance of Annual Inspections

You wouldn’t drive a car a thousand miles in a vehicle that has been sitting idle for six months. You’d first start the engine and listen for roughness in the engine. You’d check out the tires and likely have them changed. You’d check the fluids, windshield wipers, brakes, and probably drive it around the block. You would take the time to assess the vehicle before taking a trip in order to protect your own life and also your car. Your chimney is no difference. It has been sitting idle for half the year. It may have dangerous debris in the flue. It may have an obstruction or a creosote buildup. The damper may be stuck, the liner may be damaged, there may be a leak!

It’s important to have the system inspected annually so that any problems can be identified and corrected before a fire is lit. A homeowner can assess the chimney, yes. You can plainly see if the brick is damaged on the outside or if it’s standing straight up. You can look in the flue with a mirror like the generations before you, but with advancements in technology, there are better ways. Now a chimney professional can access the entire chimney for inspection. We can inspect the system interior using video surveillance equipment. Not only do we have the proper equipment to access the entire system, but we know what to look for. As CSIA Certified Sweeps, our team at Pristine Sweeps can spot small damage so that it doesn’t turn into a big problem in the future. The average homeowner won’t notice a chimney problem until it’s caused serious damage in hidden portions of the chimney. A CSIA Certified Sweep is a trained eye. Look for the CSIA logo when it’s time to schedule your chimney inspection.

CSIA Means Exceptional Care

Homeowners who are looking to maintain safety and efficiency should look to have their chimney serviced by a CSIA-certified professional. This certification is no easy feat. Those who earn it have demonstrated knowledge of the evaluation and maintenance of chimney and venting solutions, fire safety standards, and chimney science. In order to obtain certification, a chimney sweep must first order textbooks covering chimney sweeping, NFPA fire safety standards, and International Residential Code. After studying on their own, they must attend an in-person review session or take an online review, then pass a written or electronic exam within one year. This process can be packed into one six-day session put on by the CSIA National Training Academy, or done in their own time. After obtaining CSIA certification, members must adhere to a stringent Code of Ethics which requires ethical behavior when interacting with customers and conducting business. Those found to be in violation can have their certification revoked. Every three years CSIA chimney sweeps are required to re-certify by examination or continuing education credits in order to stay ahead of industry changes and technological advancements.

All the work and training required to become CSIA certified makes a difference in the cost of services. Like anything else, you get what you pay for and when you pay for quality services and products, that is what you get. In fact, part of the CSIA Code of Ethics protects customers from unfair and dishonest practices by CSIA Certified Chimney Sweeps. If you question a quote or price, ask your technician about it. A professional will be able to explain costs and services, presenting reports when necessary and working with the customer to put safety first. Above all, take into account customer reviews and referrals to figure out if a technician or company is right for you.

Chimney Inspections in Seattle, Washington

When homeowners in and around Seattle look to schedule chimney services, they continue to choose Pristine Sweeps. Our Yelp reviews [] continue to show customer satisfaction and our CSIA certification shows our commitment to chimney safety and public awareness. It is our goal to reduce the frequency of residential fires in our area by offering expert services to homeowners year-round. You can schedule yours today.

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