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Start Spring Cleaning Off Right

While you’re organizing your Spring Cleaning to-do list, you should remember your chimney along with all your other home maintenance. Your chimney has been working for you all winter long, maybe daily, and it needs some attention.

What You Can Do

First, you should clean the surfaces of the hearth and close off the chimney when you’re finished with it for the season. By closing the damper you can save yourself in air conditioning costs this summer. You can also prevent foul odors from soot and humidity from entering your home while you wait for your appointment. As soon as you are able you should schedule an appointment with a professional chimney sweep company.Start Spring Cleaning Off Right Image - Seattle WA - Pristine Sweeps, LLC

Choosing the Right Chimney Sweep Company

The Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA) and the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) recommend annual maintenance including regular chimney sweeps and annual chimney inspections. Scheduling your inspection in the spring means that you can catch any winter damage before it is made worse by water penetration and summer humidity. While looking for a chimney sweep company to assess and clean your chimney system, look for one who is familiar with the area’s climate, common chimney damages, repairs, and local regulations.

Make Necessary Repairs Now

Your chimney expert may find chimney damages or possible problems that can be dealth with right away. Schedule your chimney repairs now so that spring showers aren’t able to worsen the damage. Also, making repairs now means that your chimney will be ready to use when cool weather comes in the fall. A common mistake homeowners make is putting off routine maintenance and repairs until fall. This is often called the “fall rush” because it’s the period at the start of burn season when chimney sweeps are busy getting chimneys ready for winter. During this time it can be difficult to get the appointment time you need and you may even be forced to use a chimney sweep you aren’t happy with in order to get the work completed. It’s best to plan ahead.

Closing Out Your Chimney for the Off-Season

If you have already had your chimney inspection for the year, you can still have your chimney swept before closing it out for the summer. Many homeowners schedule a chimney sweep in the spring because a dirty chimney can become stinky when temperatures warm up. Soot and creosote can become pungent when it mingles with moisture. Even if your chimney doesn’t have a leak, the natural humidity of summer will permeate the whole chimney system and create these odors. Once your chimney is swept you can close the damper to save on utilities. If you have a top-sealing damper you can close off your chimney system with an air-tight seal from the top, preventing water penetration, drafts, and animal intrusion.

When you’re ready to close out your chimney for the spring, a chimney expert from Pristine Sweeps can help you remember every step. It’s always our goal for our customers to be safe and comfortable year-round. Call Pristine Sweeps at 206-574-8414 and schedule your appointment today.

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Gas Logs Need Service Too

Homeowners who look for the convenience of a push button or switch start, a clean fireplace, and low-maintenance appliance often opt for gas logs. They are easily installed and maintained. However, like every other fire appliance in your home, they cannot be neglected or forgotten.

Gas Logs Need Service Too Image - Seattle WA - Pristine SweepsProfessional Services for Gas Logs

  • An annual inspection.
    An annual inspection includes: assessing the connection to the fuel source, the soundness of the ventilation system, and the safety of all aspects of the fireplace.
  • A thorough cleaning.
    Gas logs are made of ceramic and refractory materials that create the aesthetics of a real fire. Having said that, the science of creating this “magic” can be affected by dust, dirt, and other debris. During a cleaning, the fireplace technician will clean the burners on the surface of the logs that release the gas to make the flame. If these become clogged, it won’t just affect the look of your fire. Consequently, it becomes a fire hazard! The ventilation system, whether chimney or vent will also be cleaned, along with the fireplace.
  • Professional installation and repair.
    It’s vital that you have your gas log set installed and repaired by a professional. In addition, one that is trained and experienced in fire science. Plus, knows how to properly connect the appliance to its gas source. There are some outdoor products that use propane that are easily installed by the homeowner. This is not to be confused with a gas log set! Only a certified chimney sweep can assess your chimney for use with gas or create an alternate route of safe ventilation.

What You Can Do

  • Schedule annual inspections.
    This may be the only time a professional has access to your gas log set. Most importantly, a fireplace and chimney expert will notice a problem before you do. It’s always easier and less expensive to catch a problem before it becomes a disaster.
  • Keep the fireplace clean and clear of debris.
    Also, a good rule of thumb is to clean the fireplace monthly, opening and cleaning the glass door, if it has one. Clean the fireplace screen, sweep the area, and wipe the logs with a clean rag. Be careful not to leave pieces behind!

What is the best way to prevent damage caused by fire, carbon monoxide intrusion, gas leaks, and excessive condensation? It is having your gas log set serviced regularly, just as you would any other heat appliance. A fireplace adds value to any home, and gas is an extremely convenient option, but must not be neglected.

Pristine Sweeps installs and services gas logs in the Seattle area, paying attention to local codes and industry safety standards. Call today to hear about our preventative maintenance and gas log upgrades today! Dial 206-574-8414 or request an appointment online.