Whether you have an existing open fireplace, or you’re building a new place and want to construct a hearth and chimney from scratch, custom glass doors may make all the difference. Glass doors provide many benefits for even worn out masonry fireplaces. Discover what glass doors can do for you and your fireplace. They’re the finishing touch that will mean the dream fireplace is complete.

Glass Doors are Safer

When you install a glass door, it will prevent sparks and flames from escaping your fireplace. It will also prevent accidental falls and burns. If a small child falls onto a glass door, there may be a burn, but it will be less severe than falling into the flames. Custom glass doors can also prevent smoke inhalation and carbon monoxide intrusion during seasons when downdrafts are frequent. The doors will improve allergies and respiratory circumstances for family members with asthma or recurring illnesses by limiting the amount of smoke, ash, and soot that enters the air of the living space.

Glass Doors Are More Efficient

When you close the glass doors on your fireplace, the ambient heat will still contribute to your home. Additionally, you don’t have to leave your damper fully open when you have custom glass doors. You can trap the heat as the fire goes out, and continue to use it instead of losing it up the flue. Glass doors will save you money even when your fire isn’t burning. When the fireplace isn’t in use, you can close the doors and prevent conditioned or heated air from escaping out the flue. Even if you have a damper, it isn’t an airtight seal and air still escapes.

Glass Doors are Stylish

When you’re looking for glass fireplace doors, you can choose from a variety of looks, shapes, and sizes. In fact, you can upgrade a tired fireplace by choosing a new set of fireplace doors that complements your new home décor. It’s a cost-effective way to remodel, without buying an expensive new unit or re-facing the masonry itself. Glass may have decorative etching, hardware, and range in style from rustic to contemporary and everything in between.

Hire a professional to install custom glass doors. Pristine Sweeps technicians are CSIA-certified and can fit you with the perfect set of doors for your space. We clean, repair, and replace them, as well as all the other components of your chimney system.

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