Fireplace Ready for Winter Image - Seattle WA - Pristine SweepsYou might have spent the spring and summer cutting and hauling firewood to prepare for winter, but that doesn’t mean you’re ready! If you haven’t taken the necessary steps to make sure your fireplace and chimney are ready for winter, you still have time. You not only need proper fuel, but you also need to have a clean, efficient, and safe chimney and fireplace.

What You Can Do

  • Start by learning how the chimney works, and you can easily troubleshoot when your chimney is just not working for you.
  • Learn about fire safety and avoid injuries and increased risk of flue fire this winter.
  • Hire a professional to install your stove, fireplace, or appliance. This insures it’s not only correctly connected, but the capacity matches that of the chimney flue and will work properly when you’re ready to light it.
  • Schedule maintenance appointments with a professional, including your chimney sweep and inspection.

What We Can Do

The Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA) and National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) recommend regular chimney sweeps and annual inspections for safe and efficient operation of chimneys, regardless of fuel type. When you hire a CSIA Certified Chimney Sweep® (CCS) for your chimney service appointments, you put your trust in the industry’s best, most trained, and experienced professionals.

  • Sweep Your Chimney—Let our CSIA certified technicians clean your chimney in a professional and timely manner. We offer chimney sweep services as well as glazed creosote removal to keep your chimney operating at its best. When you choose Pristine Sweeps you can expect expert service every time. Schedule now and we’ll have your chimney clean and ready for burn season.
  • Inspect Your Chimney—As important as it is to keep your chimney cleaned on a regular basis, it is just as important to have it inspected. During an inspection our expert chimney sweeps will assess your chimney completely. We offer video scan inspections and a detailed report for your records, and if we find a problem we are prompt with a repair plan.
  • Repair Your Chimney and Fireplace—By scheduling now you can be sure necessary repairs or services are completed before winter.
  • Waterproof Your Chimney—It’s no secret that Seattle experiences a significant amount of rain. Be sure your chimney is waterproofed before winter and avoid devastating water damage.

A lot goes into a functional chimney system, and Pristine Sweeps puts customer safety above all else. We hold knowledge and education as top priorities, and not only want your business, but we strive to use our expertise to educate you to keep your home and family safe and warm this winter. Start by having a winter-ready fireplace.

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